Weight Loss Challenge – Day 2

It’s day two, and I’m still going strong… Yeah, that’s lame to be excited about simply being on day two, but what else can anyone say about day two of a weight loss challenge? It’s not fun, you’re not in the groove, you’re hungry, and you remember all the fun you had just two days ago.

Anyway, although I’m not technically 48 hours into this yet, I have yet to have the typical food temptations, which I fear are coming very shortly (do I hear the weekend coming up?)

Here is my little bit of knowledge I will sprinkle down on all who read this. Keep yourself busy and you won’t remember just how much you want to throat punch everyone you see who is eating something you like. If you’re busy, you probably won’t see those people either.

Tomorrow’s coming up quickly and we all know the 3rd day is the worst, so let’s just enjoy today while it lasts. Also, let’s hope I have a decent set of options for supper tonight because I’m starving (I’m not really, it’s just my body tricking me into thinking that).

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