Weight Loss Challenge – Day 3

Today has been horrible, up until just now. I’ve had a headache for the majority of the day and felt so hungry and light headed. Granted, I’ve gone pretty aggressive with the reduction in food intake, but nothing that would be considered unhealthy. I’m just not used to eating this little food. It’s all good though. I knew this 3rd day would be pretty hard.

The biggest thing motivating me today was when I was getting dressed, I had to pick through the 11 shirts I had left in my closet for work. One of those shirts fits right now. ONE!!!! Time to make a change huh? Yes, I have some others in the hamper from the previous days, but to know that I could be wearing at least 10 other shirts, but I cannot because I’m just too tubby, nah, definitely time to make a change, and definitely worth the pain and suffering I’m going through as I transition from gorgin’ at the trough and eating healthy.

So far, I’m completely on track for my food intake today which is awesome. The headache is pretty well gone and I’ve got the weekend to look forward to. Oh wait, weekends are the worst. All those opportunities to eat tons of food and do nothing but eat tons of food. Looks like I’m going to need to spend some time tonight planning my intake plans for the weekend. I also don’t want to be that downer who always has to say “Oh, sorry I can’t, I’m on a diet.” I hate that person when I’m fat, and I can’t stand being that person when I’m trying to not be.

Well, there’s not much more useful stuff to write, so I might as well just publish this. See ya tomorrow.

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