Weight Loss Challenge – Day 4

Day four has come and gone. I bet those few of you who have chosen to follow my blog assumed I already fell off the bandwagon and gorged myself with donuts from the gas station, then followed it up with a giant soda with a bag of chips and a chili dog. Geez… I think about food way too much.

Alas, I was perfect with my food intake again today. I was right about day 3 being the worst. Today was soooooo much better. I’m certainly not saying it was easy, but it was much easier than yesterday.

Tomorrow is my first official weigh in. I’m not going to get my hopes up too high. It’s technically not even a full week, but I wanted Sunday to be my weigh in day because that forces me to be good on Saturday so I don’t ruin it. We’ll see in just a few short hours.


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