Weight Loss Challenge – Day 5

It’s weigh in day today. I like to weigh in right away in the morning so I’m my lightest, so i got up, fed the kids took a shower (wouldn’t want all the dirt stuck on me weighing me down now would I?). Then I stepped on the scale.

5 Pounds Lost in 5 Days!

I was so excited. I wanted to post this right away, but life got in the way.

As u sat in church, i started thinking:

Great, that’s the biggest loss I’m going to have. I practically starved myself just to get those 5 pounds.

That’s right, doubt was setting in. It didn’t help that i didn’t have a chance to have breakfast so i was pretty hungry.

Church got out and I so wanted a burger and fries. I wanted to go out to easy and blow my diet. Luckily something took over and, even though we did go out to easy, I ordered a salad. It tasted great. There were still more calories than a salad should probably have, but i still have some room for supper tonight. My first real test going out to eat and i consider it a big win.

Side note, do all restaurants think a healthy entrees has to have avocado, shrimp, or mushrooms? Or is it just the one i went to? I wanted to choose their low calorie options but seriously, get a little more variety.

Well, day 5 is nearly over and I’m pretty confident I’ll keep this day successful. Good luck to anyone else working to lose some weight.


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