Return to My Primitive Nature

I have discovered, as I eat my Strawberry yogurt that as I reduce my food intake, I increase my animalistic nature. Two things I noticed as I opened my yogurt.

  1. The top corner was smashed a bit which allowed a little big of yogurt to escape into my lunch bag. A normal person would be upset because now they have to clean their lunch bag. This is no longer my first reaction. My first reaction is sheer sadness, because I have no idea just how much sustenance I have just lost.
  2. I am thinking this, as I lick the aluminum foil lid completely clean. I may have actually ingested the first layer of aluminum or whatever it is made of.

Growing up on a farm, I remember the absolute pandemonium that ensued when we would provide our cattle with corn covered in molasses during the winter. They wound up licking the entire place clean, no matter what the molasses was on.

So I find myself, on Day 6 at lunch time, at about the same place. It’s a little sad, but that’s ok.

I should also note, if you’re going to go swimming for only the 2nd time in your life (meaning, the 2nd time you’ve swam laps), eat a little more than a cup of yogurt for breakfast. I was in such a hurry to make sure I could get an open lane, I forgot to eat the entirety of my breakfast. Holy crap I felt horrible after. Live and learn right?


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