Weight Loss Challenge – Day 7

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One Week! I’ve made it an entire week. I’ve been 100% perfect with my diet thus far, and now, I’m starting to get a little more creative with my recipes. I found the recipe for the meal you see in a magazine my wife found. (I may post it later today when I get home). It’s a pretty simple meal, though I’ll admit, the asparagus really didn’t compliment the Mexican style tacos, but that’s ok.

The flavor was magnificent!

Now that it’s day 7, I need to start thinking long term. I can’t just rely on eating tiny portions to keep me going with this weight loss challenge. That’s why starting yesterday, I’m increasing my workout in duration, intensity, and frequency. I have to be careful though with what I do, I’ve been struggling with a pretty bad case of Plantar Fasciitis which has kept me from being able to run, bike, or anything else that requires me to be on my feet.

What can I do that doesn’t require my Plantar Fascia?

That’s a great question, that I’ve been trying to solve for a while. I thought biking would be that solution, but it only made my foot hurt worse. So, here are some of the things I’m doing.

  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Weight Lifting

Thus far, those are the best ideas I’ve got. I really want more ideas for cardio workouts that don’t require me to be on my feet, or using my lower leg muscles that much. Somehow the strain from riding bike is causing my foot to hurt a lot so I don’t think the elliptical will work either.

If you’ve got a great workout idea that is high cardio and low impact on the feet/legs, please let me know. I’m hoping to get an appointment with our sports medicine department soon to see what they can do. I’ve already had a cortisone shot which did no good.


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