Weight Loss Challenge – Day 12

Weigh-In Day!!!!

Poker night went almost exactly as planned, though I didn’t lose any money (very out of the ordinary) and I still ate really well. So, what does that mean for my weigh in today. Well. I was pretty worried. I weigh in, in the mornings, so no chance to burn off or get rid of what I did do at poker, so I jumped on the scale and sure enough.


That’s right. I lost 6 pounds this week. Add that to the 5 from last week and I’m at 11 pounds gone and I’m feeling great. That is, until lunch time. I wanted to eat everything. We were at Costco and those samples sure looked great. I managed to just have 2 samples and walked away from the rest. Not too bad.

First night of hockey tonight so that should burn off any extra food I may eat today. I’m making sure to eat a little more so I don’t die on the ice.

Anyway, not bad for 2 weeks in I’d say. Let’s see how this week goes.


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