Weight Loss Challenge – Day 15

Day 15 is a little over half-way done. I didn’t get a chance for breakfast so my wife and I split a Chipotle burrito and some chips. Surprisingly decent calories and fat when you only eat half and you don’t pile on the cheese and no sour cream. Plus, I love their burritos.

I’m realizing very quickly how mundane losing weight can be. Nobody really cares how you’re doing. In fact, some people actually want you to fail it seems. I do my best to not talk about my challenge with others. Especially around meal times. For some reason, even when you tell them you’re watching what you eat, they think they still need to keep pushing food your way. Oh well. My strategy is always to just fill my plate as much as I can with veggies and such, making sure I also include some of the other more wonderful morsels that I shouldn’t be eating. Who says you have to eat them? Even better, I simply just take small amounts, like really really small amounts.

Anyway, today is a work from home day, so I won’t get a chance to go in to the gym. So, two days in a row with now workout. Again, my weigh in this week will likely be somewhat less stellar than the two previous weeks. Gotta be ok with that though.

I’ll end this with a piece of advice that I’m finding has been extremely helpful.

Plan your entire days meals the night before. Plan the time, roughly of when you will eat each meal. Include snacks in your planning. This way, you have goals to attain. You just need to wait until mid-morning to have your snack. Then, don’t eat anything early.

This may not be the best advice in the world, but for some reason, this is really working for me right now.

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 15

  1. Eat foods higher in protein to help with satiety. If you like Chipotle, something awesome to get is a burrito BOWL with double meat (and whatever fixings, sans sour cream). The wrap of the burrito has very little good nutritional value and adds somewhere in the avenue of 300-350 calories.

    • Aside from the sodium, ketchup really isn’t unhealthy, but mayo and all the other condiments aren’t really that healthy for you. Skipping the cheese helps too, but in the end, I think moderation is key. I’m not a big fan of banning any food from your diet entirely. Reduce them yes, or limit them to just special rare occasions.

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