Weight Loss Challenge – Day 16

Ugh! Today sucked. Big time. I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning. Not a good idea. I already knew this week was going to be a bit rough. I worked out hard on Sunday and Monday, and thus far since… Nothing.

My eating has been spot on. I’ve not deviated from the plan yet, but, alas, I was down .8 pounds. That is right, not even 1 full pound. I get it, there are probably plenty that will say that it’s because I can’t/shouldn’t do such a crazy extreme diet. That it’ll catch up to me and my body will start to reject what I’m trying to do and will start storing fat because I’m not eating enough.

Well, whatever, I feel fine. Actually, I feel great. So why am I letting this latest setback kill my mood? Again, the ol’ doubt monster is knocking at my door and I just opened the door for him. Stupid jerk. Go away. Chalk that up as a lesson learned, don’t weigh yourself until weigh in day.

Tomorrow is a new day, I think I’ll get a chance to go workout, so long as work doesn’t get in the way again. We’ll see, wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 16

  1. If you want an unbiased evaluation of your food logs feel free to hit me up. (this is not a service or pitch)

    Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to identify a problem.

    • I took a look at my log last night and I noticed a trend that doesn’t quite point too much to my food intake, but really does point to a reduction in physical activity. I worked out 5 times last week. Thus far, I’ve only worked out once if I don’t include Sunday.

      Also, we’re running low on groceries, which means, I’ve had less veggies to eat. I don’t always count the calories in the veggies I eat if I don’t put any oil/butter on them. I consider most veggies a free food. So, it really comes down to getting my butt up and moving and I’m sure I’ll be ok. I decided to weigh myself this morning just to see what’s going on. The results were much more pleasant. Still slightly off from the 5 pound per week rate, but that hasn’t really been my goal anyway. I knew that wasn’t a sustainable rate.

      I really appreciate the offer. I might post my weeks food log in my post today. What the heck, I don’t have a lot of other interesting things to post.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Please do. I’d be curious to see if I have a different interpretation.

        And yeah, 5lbs a week is only really doable in the first couple of weeks when you’re rapidly shedding water. Unless you did a more extreme program like UD2 or PSMF with an ephedrine/caffeine stack, which I wouldn’t recommend for non-bodybuilders usually.

      • Yeah, I’m doing this au-natural (spelling?). I’m going to post my log today I think. I just need to figure out how to post it so it’s actually interactive and so it isn’t confusing. It’s my own crazy little brainchild that probably only makes sense to me.

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