Weight Loss Challenge – Day 17

It’s Day 17 and I was asked to post my eating log. Any other day I’d say; “Yeah right, I’m not doing that.” Today, I’m feeling a little dangerous. Ha, what do I have to hide? Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously (You should see me when I try to talk politics).

So, here we go. Hopefully this makes sense. There are several tabs to this spreadsheet. I do a lot of Pivot Tables in Excel, so hopefully this all makes sense. In the bottom corner of the embedded spreadsheet you can open a full browser version of the file. This is a fully interactive view into what I’m doing on a day to day basis. Be gentle with any judgement you make. I may be sensitive. As I add food, you can watch my progress real time. Nothing like adding another layer of accountability to my challenge, or a layer of boredom to your day.



7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 17

  1. A friend of mine jumps from one “extreme” diet to the next, so I understand the compulsion. This diet has some holes, but it isn’t because of it’s extremely low calorie intake. Lyle McDonald makes the excellent point that even if your body moves into the (commonly-misused) “starvation mode” but you still have a deficit, you will still lose weight (ex. your metabolism slows 10% but you have a 20% deficit).

    My biggest problem with this diet is that it is far too scarce in protein. I know I harp on this a lot in my blog, but if you’re losing weight to help appearance, you want to retain LBM. If you don’t consume the macro-nutrients that prevent the loss of LBM during a deficit, you will lose it. That just means you’ll be “skinny fat,” which isn’t much better than being fat.

    My best guess as to why you had only lost .8 with your high deficit would be because on the 5th, prior to your weigh in and subsequent post on the 6th, you consumed an abnormally high amount of carbohydrates via Chipotle and Spaghetti, which likely increased water retention as glycogen stores were replenished. For a more detailed explanation of that process read the abstract, here:


    I noticed your table had sums of fiber, calories, and fat, but you’re missing carbs and protein, as well as the amount of water you drink. None of the latter three are irrelevant. For someone as intelligent and detail oriented as you seem to be, I’m surprised at those omissions. I’d suggest reconsidering how you track. Best of luck.

    • I figured I’d have someone who truly knows nutrition look at my log and pick it apart. Honestly, when I first read your comment, I was annoyed, nay, a little mad. Let me backup though. That was dumb of me to react like that. I’m just glad I didn’t have time to respond, otherwise I might have said something dumb, and possibly mean.

      That being said, thank you for taking a look and giving me your input. Honestly, I agree. There are definite holes in my diet. I’ve acknowledged this from the start. The problem is, it seems all the wisest dietitians and fitness experts seem to treat individual psychology as irrelevant when it comes to losing weight. This is where I come in. I have tried the balanced diet method of losing weight with the good practices that will ensure I’m healthy and getting a wonderful balance of proteins, carbs, calories, fat, etc etc. blah blah blah. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mesh with my personality. I need fast results. I need adventure. I need more. I need pain. I’m the moron that sits and watches The Biggest Loser and thinks: “If I were a couple hundred pounds heavier, I could compete in that show and win this motherf#@cker.” Realistically, I know I probably couldn’t, but that’s the kind of weight loss that works for me.

      Here’s the deal, my plan is to get my weight down fast so I can fit my clothes. Don’t care if I look good. Don’t care if I’m taking a balanced approach to my stage 1. That’s right, I have a multi-stage plan for this whole ordeal.

      Stage 1 – Lose it, and lose it fast. This is going to sound dumb, and probably a red flag, but I need my stomach to shrink down to a normal size.

      Stage 2 – Raise my food intake to a stable balanced amount after Stage 1 is complete. My strategy is that since I’ve reduced my appetite, I can now slowly increase my intake and I’ll feel as though I’m really treating myself.

      Stage 3 – By the time I get here, I should be able to maintain a relately balanced diet because I’ve built a habit of managing my portions and thus, I should be able to break the 2 year cycle I’ve been in in which I have managed my diet and intake in no way at all.

      I’m happy with my plan. It’s not perfect, but it takes into consideration who I am more that will ensure I can succeed.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t reply in a hostile manner, since I meant no offense. What I will say, though, is that making sure you have at least your LBM in protein will, in fact, expedite your loss and make the end results better.

    Good luck however you choose to pursue it.

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