Weight Loss Challenge – Day 18

Sometimes, we all need to sit back and admit we wrong. Or, perhaps, we need to admit, we were a jerk. Yesterday I posted my food intake journal, not really sure why, but it was on the suggestion of a fellow blogger. After posting my spreadsheet, he recommended I start tracking my carbs and protein, and then most likely increase the protein and decrease the carbs.

Nothing wrong with recommending that now is there? Well, me in my genius got annoyed when I first read his comment. Luckily for me, I didn’t have time to reply right away. I had some time to think about it for a bit then replied. I’m not sure I was as articulate as I would have liked, but it was better than what I might have said when I wasn’t thinking.

Anyway, long story short, I’ve thought about the recommendation and decided it’s pretty reasonable and wise to start tracking my carb and protein intake. Why? Because it is known that reducing carbs could very well increase weight loss. Plus, the food I’ve been eating this week, not exactly the most healthy. If I truly want to lose weight, and do it fast, I should be open to analyzing my intake and tweaking where I can. Perhaps it will help me get to stage 2 of my plan sooner.

So, thank you officially to user caronbotI may not have accepted your advice in the most cordial way, but I accept it now. Perhaps I won’t be able to live entirely up to your recommendations, but every little bit helps right?

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2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 18

  1. I appreciate the nod!

    Healthy skepticism is actually a good thing, especially when it comes from people not-necessarily-qualified to give it. I have no doubt you’ll hit your goals.

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