Weight Loss Challenge – Day 21

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already. If I had to summarize these first 21 days into 3 words they would be.

Totally Worth It!

Though the next 3 words would be

So Freaking Hard!

I’m definitely not complaining. What I find amazing is how quickly you can get used to something unpleasant if you also have something to motivate you to continue. My motivation wasn’t entirely clear to me when I started. I knew I needed to lose some weight so I wouldn’t burst out of my entire wardrobe, but now I know exactly what my motivation is. It’s not just one thing. There are many things motivating me. Here are just a few that I’ve been thinking about over these last 21 days.

  • Reclaiming clothes that once fit – Reduced 1 Belt size, almost ready to cinch it one more
  • Reduced Food Bill – I was even eating from my kids’ lunch supplies. That has stopped entirely
  • Regain Positive Attitude – Being overweight has been an excuse for being negative. My outlook on life is getting brighter.
  • Increase Self-Confidence – I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’m already sensing a greater amount of self-confidence. Having my clothes fit helps immensely.
  • Be Healthy – I was eating nearly no veggies and stuck to a very carb friendly diet. I still eat more carbs than I should, but I’m working on that.
  • Rediscover Self-Control – 10 or more years ago when I started my weight loss journey and had success I had a huge amount of self-control. I’ve missed that and have felt like quite the failure for not keeping that up. This project has boosted that feeling again. It’s refreshing.
  • Repair Injuries – I’m not sure how better to state this. Over the last couple years I’ve struggled with numerous injuries. I need to take control of these injuries and get them fixed. Losing weight will help by reducing the strain my body experiences simply doing things like walking.
  • Keep a Promise – Several years ago, I promised my wife I would not go above 200 lbs again. Well, that promise got broken. I started 21 days ago at 221.4. I’m not at 207 just 21 days into my 180 day challenge. Just 7 pounds away and I can say I’m back on track with my promise. (NOTE: My wife is very forgiving, but also very supportive)

I’ve had a great amount of success these first 21 days. I’ve enjoyed seeing the likes, comments, and follows. They really do motivate me. Whenever I feel like I’m going to give up, I just think about having to write about it and it motivates me to buck up and remember this list. I’m sure there are lots of other reasons to lose this weight, but those are the ones at the top of my list. Let’s see what the next 21 days looks like. For anyone else out there trying to lose weight, my advice:

Go all in. 100% and go deep. It may be hard, but the best things are always hard to do. That’s what makes them worth doing.

It’s possible I’ve stolen something from someone, so I’m not claiming this to be an original idea. Just my advice at this point.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend using my diet plan. I’m not a dietitian or fitness expert. My plan is based solely on my psychological state. I need something ridiculously hard, else I would get bored or lose my focus. If you’re going to take anything from me as a recommendation, I recommend you follow my intensity, rather than my plan.


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