Weight Loss Challenge – Day 24-27

I didn’t do so good with my commitment to writing a post every day of my weight loss challenge. I missed 3 days worth of posts. Not to mention I’ve missed a few before too. The one good note is that I’ve still done pretty well with my actual eating.

This weekend I traveled north to visit my brothers which I knew was going to be a rough ride for my diet. Updating my diet log is pretty tough from a mobile device which is problematic for tracking ones calorie intake. Thus, I didn’t really do a good job of tracking over the weekend. But, again, another ray of sunshine, I actually ate, pretty well. Which I’m super happy about. I’m still working to calculate all of my eating over the weekend just to see if I really did to well, but I have a general idea of how I did, and it wasn’t too bad.

With that said, Sunday was my weigh in day. How’d I do?

3 Pounds Lost

That gives me a total weight loss of

17 Pounds

That’s something to be happy about. Sure, I would have loved to have had a higher loss this week, but with the 3 days of travelling, I’m chalking this up to a very successful week.

This week will be somewhat challenging at least to get started, simply because I did eat a little more than I usually have been, thus, this morning, I was feeling so hungry and getting back into the swing of low calorie Frankendiet is not easy. But, I choked down my yogurt and will just deal with it. I’m hoping for another 3 pound week this week, so I need to stay on top of my game.

One final note. Thank you Jack Links for your awesome Turkey Tender Bites. Low calorie and yet so tasty. They made for a great 3 hour car ride treat. I was able to go the entire trip up on one 3 oz bag at 180 calories which is tons better than I’ve ever had on a road trip.


7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 24-27

      • Awesome! I have high expectations for the next week too (the next 5 weeks actually). Your right, something does always get in the way. We have to stay focused! We can! 🙂

      • Now I just need to find more to write about that is interesting. Though, I’m not really writing for an audience. I’m writing to keep myself honest and so I have someone/something to answer to. I’m really enjoying your blog. Such commitment I see from you. Amazing. I used to be much more committed (single and no kids then). Oh what those little kids can do to your priorities and perceived energy. I have every expectation you’ll do great.

      • Thank you! I like your blog too! You have really come a long way in your weight loss journey and are learning so much! I think blogging about our weight loss really helps us realize how much we learn and how far we come. Once again, great job!
        Did you make an end date to your weight loss?
        As for what to blog about next, keep blogging about what you love. That’s always the most interesting thing to read. Even if you aren’t exactly into what the writer is into. Does that make sense? haha

      • Originally it was going to be 180 days or when I hit 190 pounds, but I’ll hit 190 well before the 180 days is up. What I’d love to see is 180 lbs. Granted, once I hit 190, what’s another 10 lbs right? Ha ha… I’ve done that bit once before just before I got married. I got a little worried how easy it was to drop the weight once I got to 190. But, I was playing hockey a couple times a week and running daily and going to the gym. I don’t have that kind of time so every pound is a struggle.

        Your recommendation makes complete sense. Now I just need find something I love that is relatively related to what I’m striving for. Probably have to write about my swimming experiences or should I say, my near drowning experiences. 🙂 I suck at swimming.

        Good luck with your challenge.

  1. The last 10 pounds are always the hardest. 😦 That’s great that you will hit your goal so soon!
    Haha! I look forward to your swimming post. 🙂
    And thank you! (I feel like I’ve said that a hundred times now lol)

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