Weight Loss Challenge – Day 29

It’s been 29 days already! Seriously?!? The time seems to have just flown by. Luckily, all this time, I’ve had a lot more successes than failures. So where am I at? This morning, mentally, I was ready to just quit. My brain was telling me that 17 pounds was more than enough weight lost. What’s the point of losing more. Most of my clothes now fit pretty well. Let’s just call it good.

That was really hard to push through. I luckily had some external assistance to force me to not give in to the temptation. It’s called, bring your wife to the doctor because she might have another kidney stone. Around 10am I had to get grandma over to watch 2 of the 3 kids (other one was at school). Then run the wife to the doctor, then work from the waiting room. I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast as a result. Which in turn allowed me to splurge and go to Chipotle. My wife and I always split a single burrito. It is the only thing we ever split when we eat out. It spawned from the realization that a whole burrito with chips was a little gross. Though, we still order our own meals everywhere else. Not sure why we can’t get the hint to do this everywhere.

Anyway, that bad event (wife is ok, no kidney stones, but still not feeling well) has spun into a positive at least for my Weight Loss Challenge. My attitude towards my challenge today has done a 180 and I’m now excited for tomorrow. Good luck to everyone else who might be working to lose some weight.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 29

  1. Good to hear about her not having kidney stones, hope she feels better soon.

    What I’d be worried about is you though. I went to look at your old posts, in day 1. I do not know you, so I can’t say but… you said you’ve lost weight before, and not kept it away, hence why you’re doing this challenge. You set yourself a rough time limit, a decent plan and off you go.

    You’re setting yourself up for future failure here my friend. You’re not in this for 6 months, or a set amount of lbs. What you want is a complete and utter life change, forever, till you stop breathing. The weight loss is just a by-product of the changes, not the goal. It is never over and once that sinks in, your mentality of giving up in the middle will go away. Because there is no giving up on a better life.

    It is never “good enough”, since there is no comparisons or other realities here, it isn’t a phase or a diet, it is your new and improved way of living! Permanent changes piled up on each other that will keep you going!

    Otherwise when the going gets rough, with stress, kids, wife, family, work… it’s easier and easier to fall off the bandwagon, as you noticed today, your brain starts tricking you, lying to you, that it wants to go back to the way things were. To the past, but there is no past, just the future, that looks brighter and brighter with each day that passes!

    What a wall of text, I’m sorry, I get carried away at times. You take care of yourself and you’re doing great! Keep going!

    • WantNeedWill, thanks for stopping by and reading my posts about my journey. I couldn’t agree with you more. This isn’t supposed to be a temporary thing. This is supposed to be a lifestyle change. That is what this is, though I may not write about the overall lifestyle change part just yet. I’m writing about the stuff that happens now, because that is where my struggle is at. The diet I am following is not intended to be the permanent diet I follow. This is a jump start to get me quickly to a weight level I have set for myself. The next stage then is to increase my food intake to a “healthy” level that allows me to maintain my weight for good. This is the lifestyle change portion.

      • Glad to hear that! I wish you the best, well, my best wishings will not change a thing, you’re determined and will make it regardless!

        Stay strong, my friend and a speedy recovery to the missus 🙂

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