Anybody Else?

Is there anyone else out there trying their best to lose weight or just eat healthy, but when your family is all sick and you’re stuck at home taking care of them you just want to eat everything you see?


Yeah, me neither.

Oh wait, no. That’s totally me right now. I just want a deep dish pizza right now.

Help me. Can’t watch another episode of Barbie’s Dream House without gorging myself.



5 thoughts on “Anybody Else?

  1. Ugh! I know! My son was sick two weeks ago and I ate trail mix all day. I wasn’t even craving anything sweet! Why do we do that when we get out of our rut. Hang in there your doing so good! Drink some coffee. 🙂

    • Usually coffee is my go to when i work from home. It’s great cuz there are no calories unless i add sugar or milk which i typically don’t, but then i wind up drinking way to much and feel horrible the rest of the day. Luckily, today i had no time to get the coffee made. I had a bunch of that crystal lite stuff. Probably not really good for me but it did the truck.

      I managed to stay just under my 1200 calories tonight. Mostly because the baby wasn’t going to let me sir down to eat any more. Thanks for all the encouragement. It sure helps.

    • Thank you for the support. Turns or the entire family has some nasty flu bug and now I’m starting to feel like I’m getting it too. Let’s just how the wife can be better by the time the worst hits me.

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