Weight Loss Challenge – Day 53 – 55

Weigh-in day came and passed this weekend. Surprisingly, I did quite well this last week.

Weight = 197.6 lbs

Weight Loss This Week = 2.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss = 23.8 lbs

Certainly, I would have loved to see a larger weight loss last week, but, considering I had a Christmas party on Friday as well as a hankering for Chinese on Friday night by my wife I think I did pretty well. Friday I did not do well in my eating. Saturday wasn’t too bad though. 20141214_082359

I’m hoping that this week will be about the same for loss. If I can get myself down to about 195 I’ll be pretty happy. I’ve moved a little more into a maintain mode for the holidays so losing any weight is a big win and I can’t complain about anything.

Last night, didn’t exactly get me started all that positively for my weight loss goal this week though. I think I probably ate about 4,000 calories, though I didn’t really keep very good track of that intake so who knows. I did weigh myself this morning and I was still at 197.6 which is good.

How has everyone else done with their weight loss or maintenance goals? Good luck everyone.

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