Weight Loss Challenge – Day 63 | That’s Just Gross!

It’s day 63 of my weight loss challenge. I’ve had a really tough time keeping up with the blogging portion of my challenge. I promised myself I would write a post every day. Well, it’s been 63 days and I’ve only written 36 posts. It’s over 50% but still, not so great when it comes to what I tried to commit myself to. Luckily, my diet plan has been much better than 50%. I’m going to try my best to do better on the journal side of this challenge.

That’s Just Gross, Now Knock it Off!

I did my workout today which wound up being 30 minutes of Rowing. I managed to get 6,900 meters and burned 421 calories according to the little computer. I could calculate my actual estimated calories based on my weight, but I don’t feel like it. Any, like any normal human, I went to take a shower. As I am cleaning up, I hear the dude in the stall next to me hock a loogie. Not just a simple cough and you know a little surprise comes up kindof cough. No… This was a good 20 second clearing of the throat with a grand finale spit… plop! That’s right, he hocked that disgusting mass right into the drain. Well, let me pause here for a moment… I hope he made it into the drain. We’ve all seen it before, someone doesn’t make the drain. My problem with this is that it’s disgusting to know, if I didn’t have shower shoes, I might have to step on that just to take a shower. Even worse, I probably wouldn’t know that someone had done it, unless I see the full extent of their nastiness laying there. What I may be stepping on, is simply the remnants of their mucus blob.

But you know what? Hock-eye wasn’t done. No, he proceeded to gurge up two more delightful mucus truffles. Not only that, he felt the need to make the loudest noises ever just to get them all up. But wait… There’s more… He also blew his nose right in the shower.

In my book, it’s not ok to spit, blow your nose, or urinate in the showers. I don’t care that the shower floor is constantly being bathed in soap. It’s also soap that is laden with the dirt and grime that’s flowing off your body, so no, I don’t buy that the floor is constantly being cleaned. So please, knock it off! Seriously, it’s disgusting. I’m just happy I have some shower shoes to wear in there.

For those of you who don’t wear any type of footwear in your gym’s showers, or bathrooms, take it from me, and get some right away. It’s disgusting in there, and my gym is immaculately clean compared to some I’ve been in.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 63 | That’s Just Gross!

    • I have my theories about why people are disgusting, but I think it really just boils down to being self-absorbed. People don’t think about how their actions/words might appear to others.

      I’m sure many-a-book could be written about all the gross things we witness in the locker room. I have to assume men are grosser than women, but I’m biased against men. I cannot stand seeing any dudes just walking around without so much as a towel covering up. Even the most out of shape woman it wouldn’t annoy me, though I wouldn’t get excited about it either.

      Either way, bodily fluid dispersment needs to occur in the toilet or at least in the garbage can. Not the shower.

  1. It seems I should be grateful for a lot, for working out at home. Will add “No stranger’s mucus on the shower floor” to the list of things I’m thankful of! The only gross human being in here is me, and that I’m okay with!

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