Weight Loss Challenge – Day 64 – 66 | That Just Didn’t Go Well

Christmas has now come and gone; it’s but a fleeting memory. Actually, that’s not true at all, I have plenty to remind me of Christmas, like that overly bloated feeling from my apparent food bender I went on starting Christmas Eve. Originally, I had indicated I was going to just try to stay around 2,000 calories per day for Christmas; that just didn’t happen. Christmas Eve I did great for breakfast and lunch, but dinner was just not in the cards for me. Instead of the relatively healthy baked chicken I was going to make, my wife and I decided to order Chinese. I got the General Tso’s chicken (it’s still chicken, points for that? No?). In the end, Christmas Eve wasn’t truly that bad. I had a cookie or two, but that’s it.

Now comes the big day. Christmas Day, the 25th of December, or as I now call it, the day in which time stood still; and I ate everything. Yes, I ate everything I saw yesterday. I tracked nothing. I ate cookies and buns and ham and potatoes. I took seconds, and yup, even thirds of some things. I took 2 baby carrots, for comic relief I think, though I almost didn’t eat the 2nd one. If I had to calculate all the calories I ate, it’d probably be between 6,000-7,000, but that’s totally just a guess.

Now, I should feel ashamed of myself shouldn’t I? I had a plan and I didn’t keep it… Nah… It ain’t no big deal. Actually, it was so liberating to just let go for 1 1/2 days. I did not worry in the least about my food intake. That’s not to say I didn’t feel the consequences of it. The sugar headache is still there a little today. The lesson I took from this is that I can afford to let go from time to time. So long as I’ve been good the other 95% of the days. One or two days of indulgence can be ok, so long as you have a plan to get back on your plan, which I did. I packed my breakfast and lunch last night, while I was grumbling over my upset stomach (I ate a couple cookies while I packed my lunch). While I was packing my lunch, I actually felt pretty proud of myself, even while eating those cookies. Proud that my first reaction is to get back on that wagon and restart my challenge.

So how did everyone else do with their diet plans over Christmas? I’m hoping everyone did a little better than I did, though if you didn’t, remember, today is a new day, yesterday cannot ruin what you might do today (unless you cut your leg off yesterday, then it can have a pretty huge impact on today and everything I said is useless).

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.


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