Weight Loss Challenge – Day 67 – 68 | Early Morning Wakeup Call

I typically don’t write a post Sundays, even though it’s my weigh in day, and it’s even more rare that I’d be writing it this early in the morning. An early morning page for work though has ensured I’m awake and waiting for a server to reboot, so, here I am, writing my weight loss challenge article I’m supposed to be writing anyway.

Let’s get right to the weigh in.

Weight Loss this week: 0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 25.4 lbs

If you recall, my goal was to not gain weight over Christmas. Low and behold, I did it! I’m a little surprised considering my indulgence on Christmas day. Anyway, I see this as a huge victory. Now I just need to set my sights on this upcoming week and how I can get myself down to 194. That’s just a 2 lb loss I’m looking for, so it should be pretty easy. Except for one big issue. New Years Eve. Luckily, my wife and I are old fuddy duddies and we don’t go out on New Years Eve. With 3 kids and no baby sitter, there’s not a whole lot we can do. I think the 2 lb goal is attainable.

What are your goals this week? How are you taking into account the New Years temptations?

Well, gotta go, the server is back online.


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