Weight Loss Challenge – Day 69 | A Great Weekend

I had a great weekend. I was sick, but it was still great. Had some fun with the kids, the wife and friends. To top it all off, I played hockey last night, and was not as horrible as usual. Don’t get me wrong, I was still horrible, but just not AS horrible. I came out of it with a bruised thumb which is kindof cool too. I’ve never seen the fleshy part of a thumb get so black and blue. Luckily, it doesn’t hurt. Unfortunately, I can’t get a good picture of it, though, who really wants to see a stupid little thumb boo boo?

The best part, I decided to weigh myself this morning (unofficially) and I was down 3 pounds. Of course, I played 70 minutes of hockey which is pretty intense, though I thought I drank enough water to replenish my lost water, but to see 193 on the scale, even if that isn’t what my weigh in number is, is pretty nice to see. What it does do for me, is give me motivation for this week. Initially, my goal for this week was 2 lbs. Yesterday morning I wasn’t too optimistic, but now, I know I can get there. Just getting to 195, that’d put me on the low end of the 190’s. I haven’t seen those numbers in ages.

So, with a great weekend comes a great week. I’m still on the 1,600 calories per day and that is going well. I stuck to it both Saturday and Sunday, which isn’t that hard when you have nearly nothing in the house to eat. We’re at the end of our budget for December, which means, eat all the crappy stuff in the pantry you’ve been putting off eating. We had cereal last night for supper. That’s how bad it’s gotten. We don’t even have cans of soup (usually the last thing to go).

Today is the start of a great week, and I hope you all are feeling it too. How is everyone feeling this week? I know New Years Eve is coming up. Does that put you on the positive or negative? Usually, I’m pretty indifferent, but knowing we start our budget over, I’m totally in the positive. Have a great day everyone.


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