Toy Review: Marvel Select | Abomination

I’ve recently transitioned from collecting comic books to action figures and I’ve started amassing a small army of what I consider to be some pretty cool figures. I figured I needed an excuse to play with these figures so, here I will provide my reviews on the toys I accumulate. This is just one more notch in my nerd belt I think.


  • Character: Abomination
  • Manufacturer: Diamond Select Toys
  • Series: Marvel Select
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 8″ x 9.5″
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs
  • Recommended: Ages 8+
  • MSRP: $24.99 | Paid: $24.99
  • Part Number/SKU: 699788108499

Articulation – ★★★★☆

One of the most important features of any “Action Figure” is the joint articulation. This Abomination figure is very pose able, and what’s more, he is extremely easy to stand up on his own. This is something I find to be the most important as I typically open the figure, check out the pose ability, then throw it up on my shelf, so making sure it stands is pretty important.

  • Arms – There are 3 joints in each arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint with full 360 rotation as well as the ability to raise and lower the arm outward
    • Elbows: Pin/Hinge joints allow for about 75 degrees of rotation, with grooves that allow for the joint to stick in place
    • Wrists: Peg joints that allow the hand to rotate 360 degrees
  • Legs – There are 3 joints in each leg/hip area
    • Hips: Ball Joint with full 360 rotation. Pretty decent amount of flexibility to widen the figures stance as the hips and upper legs are sculpted to allow a greater range of motion
    • Knees: Pin/Hinge Joints with about 75-80 degree bend ability. Again with grooves allowing the joints to stick in place
    • Ankles: Pin/Hinge Joints with about 15 degrees of rotation. Grooves keep the joints from being too loose
  • Body: The torso can swivel with a Peg Joint at the hips. Full 360 rotation is possible
  • Head: Ball joint allows for full 360 rotation of head as well as limited head nodding capability.

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Mold – ★★★★★

The detail of the mold on this figure is one of the main reasons I picked it up, not to mention the sheer menacing look. I love villains and Abomination is a great villain. The texture on this figure is probably only matched by that of the Juggernaut (stay tuned for that review). Add the great mold to the paint and this figure is probably my 2nd favorite. The biggest feature/characteristic you’ll notice, though, when you pick this figure up, is its weight. Coming in at nearly 3.5 lbs, this figure truly is a beast. They just have used rocks for the mold of this figure.

Abominations hands are both open and appear as though you could put some sort of weapon in them which is nice. A lot of the larger figures do not have open hands. I prefer most hands on figures to be open, just in case I want to swap some accessories and make it appear as though they now have them. My favorite part though is his head and in particular, his ears. The sculpt team did a great job with the lizard like ears.

Paint – ★★★★☆

The paint on this figure is phenomenal. The coloring reminds me a lot of what I’d expect the Swamp Thing to look like. The attention to the details with the green and black is awesome. For seemingly such a simple color pallette, the paint is still wonderfully done. The detail in his face is amazing. The only negative I would point out, is with all the detail in the character himself, his shorts are just brown. No shading, nothing. Just… brown. That’s a little boring, but still the rest of the paint is awesome.

Accessories – ★☆☆☆☆

This particular version of the Abomination figure does not come with a base. It comes with a really lame background piece of paper that you can stand up behind the figure. The biggest issue, the card isn’t even the same height as the figure. So it’s totally lame, I didn’t even take it out of the packaging. The original Abomination figure used to come with a decent base it appears. Too bad I didn’t get in on that one. Beyond that, Abomination doesn’t come with any other accessories.

Packaging – ★★★☆☆

The packaging is the standard bubble mold packaging that all the Marvel Select characters come in. Full see through front is great when you’re at your local comic/toy store trying to make a decision. If you’re ordering this figure online, be aware that the packaging can easily get beat up. The more beat up the packaging, the better chance it has for the plastic to start coming apart from the cardboard backing. This is, of course, only important if you plan to keep the figure in box. I, on the other hand, have decided to open my figures. The packaging also does not allow for stacking characters on top of each other as the package built to be hung on one of those hanging pegs. I’m hanging onto all of my packaging, just in case any of my figures happen to rise in value, though I doubt they will.

Overall Rating – ★★★★☆

Overall I think this is a great figure for the money. There are some minor things I’d change like the paint on the shorts and the weak accessories, but in the end, this is a great figure to have in my collection.


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