Weight Loss Challenge – Day 70 | An Unexpected Workout

Day 70 and things got off to a bit of a cold start. Living in Minnesota, you get pretty used to cold temperatures, but this morning, I wasn’t expecting to be out in -6 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as I was.

My wife and I have a minivan that we purchased about 1 1/2 years ago. We bought it knowing it only had 1 of the original sets of keys. No worries, we’ll just get a new set to go with the one we have right? WRONG!! Low and behold, we never got around to doing that. I took off for the bus this morning, with my car keys and the van keys stashed safely away in my jacket pocket. No worries right, my wife stays at home with the kids, there’s no school, all should be fine right? On most days, yes. Today… NO! The kids spent the night at their grandparents house last night and they (the grandparents) needed to go to a morning funeral. Needless to say, my wife, not too happy with me. Me… Not too happy with me. Long story short, I spent more time than I would have wanted outside, waiting for the bus to come. Then raced home to get the keys into the right hands. Then, decided I’d drive to work and find a parking spot (free mind you). Well, the free parking spots by 10am are about 1 mile away.


This is where my unexpected workout comes in. I’m not typically against walking 1 mile. No biggie right? When it’s -6 degrees Fahrenheit with a slight windchill, 1 mile feels like a marathon. Not only that, I didn’t want to wear a hat, otherwise my hair would look like a cheap toupee. So, there I was, trudging along, burning calories every step and every shiver as I went. And that’s where my mind is now. The positive side of me being careless and not checking my pockets for the keys before I left the house. I got a little extra workout in and hey, I’ve got an impending cold weather workout looming over my head at the end of the day too.

Minnesota… What a wonderful place to live. Especially in the winter. Come on up, we’ll leave the lights on for ya. 🙂


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