Weight Loss Challenge – Day 72 | New Years Back Pain

Happy New Years Everyone! I woke up this morning and as I fed my little baby boy (8 months) as I was moving around with him, I felt my back pop, just a little. I’ve had back problems since I was in elementary which is a huge reason I need to keep my weight in check. Having lost this much weight, I would think that my back problems would be less prevalent, but no.

Lucky for me I don’t think this instance is that bad. I think I’ll be fine by tomorrow. I also am lucky to have a supply of pain meds that can help me work through the pain. In the end, I just need to manage the pain enough, so I can move around. Moving around is the best medicine when my back is like this so I can keep the muscles loose.

The old me would normally have just wanted to spend the entire day in bed. With 3 kids under 6, that’s just not an option. That is a blessing. Again, moving around more is better than laying around doing nothing.

So, I hope everyone else has a better New Years Day than me, though my day is by no means a loss. I’m watching the Winter Classic hockey game right now with the kids which is my favorite thing to do on New Years day.

Have a great day everyone.


5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 72 | New Years Back Pain

  1. Hope the back feels better soon! The video below is a great introduction on how to prevent it from happening again. All of his videos are worth watching in fact. Granted it’s from a bodybuilder’s point of view, but it can’t hurt to focus on strengthening your core, even if that’s not your goal! (the man’s 55 and absolutely natural, which still stuns me, wish I looked like that at 50+)

    • I’ve been working on my core a lot so it surprised me that my back did this this morning until one of my coughing fits started and I noticed my stomach muscles just ached. I think all the coughing has fatigued my core muscles which probably had caused the back pain. Thanks for the video. I’m open to anything to keep my back from getting hurt. Have a great day.

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