Run Like You Mean It!

I used to be a runner. I long to be a runner again, but until I can get my Plantar Fasciitis healed, I’m relegated to sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else run. This provides me the opportunity to see a lot of people run… and judge them. 🙂

My biggest pet peeve is people who run like they’re tired. Perhaps you’re one of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re on mile 26 or you just started a 1 mile run, you’re running like you’re out of breath and your body is about to collapse in sheer exhaustion.

What’s the deal? Don’t you know that running is like 150% mental? That if you allow your body to think it’s tired, then your body “will” become tired? I see so many people jogging with their heads bobbing like their melon is so heavy it should have its own sidecar so you can just wheel it alongside you. I guess you also put on your lead shoes because your feel are doing the drunken shuffle too.

Come on! Hold your head high. Pick up your stupid feet, and for the LOVE OF PETE, run like you mean it!!!

Don’t run tire until you are tired, and then, even then, STOP RUNNING LIKE YOU’RE TIRED. If you’re going to mentally get through whatever distance you’re running, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by tricking your body into thinking it’s tired. When I was able to run, I was constantly telling myself things like “I could run for days like this” or “Man, I have so much energy.” I was trying to trick my brain into believing what I was saying and it usually worked. I never had a training run or race that I had to end early due to “being too tired to finish.” That’s not to say I didn’t get tired, but the mental aspect of those situations required me to lie to myself to get my body to do what I wanted.

I know, I’m probably being too judgy of others, but when you can no longer run, it makes it really hard to see people squandering their ability. I get it, some of these folks I’m judging could be experiencing even worse injuries than I and for those, I apologize. I doubt very many of those I see though, have anything holding them back from running a little taller, a lot stronger, and light years faster.


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