Weight Loss Challenge – Day 78 | Wow! That was just sad!

Yesterday was bad horrible. It started out normal, then it just went bad horribly horrible. I stopped tracking what I was eating about 1/3 of the way through lunch. If I had to guess, I probably ate between 4,000 and 5,000 calories yesterday. I felt so sick by the end of the day, but still was so hungry. I’m disappointed in myself… but… and it’s a big but… yesterday is over and today is now, which means, I get to start all over.

That’s the most important part about losing weight, is brushing yourself off when you fall and getting back up. Today is day 78; nobody expected perfect, but they do expect perseverance. That is the theme of my day 78. I will do it. I will get back on this horse and I will tame it. My daily goal is 1,600 calories and I will make that goal today.

What motivates you to get back up and brush yourself off, when it would just be easier to give in and give up?


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 78 | Wow! That was just sad!

  1. There we go Master Wayne. We pick ourselves back up.

    For me… whenever I cheat on my diet, be it a holiday or an assigned cheat day. I get back up and walk forward.

    The man that started the journey hasn’t changed, nor has the reasons behind starting. They’re still there and a meal or two won’t change that fact. The will to live and be healthy drive me forward. Past, is in the past and can’t be changed, as such, punishing yourself over past deeds is pointless. We move forward, always forward with a smile.

    What would I be giving up by laying down and stopping? My will to live? My thoughts of having a healthy future? Being able to play with my grandkids one day? Having the energy to take care of those around me as they grow old? … being able to grow old?

    Ridiculous, there is no giving up or laying down. No reason in the world is strong enough to throw the aforementioned ones away.

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