Weight Loss Challenge – Day 79 | Inspiration

What inspires you? Who inspires you?

Day 79 is here and it is a day of insignificance, other than, it is today. It is now. I need to live now don’t I? As I tried to figure out what to write, those two questions came to mind, and I’ve been struggling to figure out, what is inspiring me to lose the weight and who is inspiring me to continue this journey?

These should be easy by day 79 in a weight loss challenge. At least, it should be when you’re successful at losing weight. If you’ve gained weight all 79 days I could see having a tough time with those questions.

So, I am inspired by…

Am I really that vain? That I cannot find anything or anyone outside of myself that inspires me? I am certainly inspired by those of you who read my blog and ‘like’ it and especially those of you who comment on my obnoxious drivel that I’m constantly posting. You are very inspirational. I am inspired by those of you I follow and like and comment on. If I like one of your posts, I really liked it. I follow a lot of bloggers, but I rarely like all their posts. I don’t like to like or comment to just get them to come to my blog. It feels fake. So cherish the fact that I found you inspiring (I’m totally kidding, please don’t take me for a total tool).

I don’t interact with a lot of people that are all that aware of the fact that I’m actively working to lose weight. I don’t talk about it much. Now that I’m at 1,600 calories per day, I get to eat mostly what I want on a daily basis. I did not want to be that person who has to remind everyone why I am unable to do anything because I’m on a diet. So, my inspiration is from my friends on the Interwebs. Your stories inspire me. You keep me honest. You have not judged me for my odd or even unhealthy choices along the way, and really, you should have. 🙂 I don’t have a lot of active followers, and that’s totally ok.

I don’t think I should feel bad about not being able to answer these questions easily. Though maybe I should. Maybe I’m just a jerk and don’t know it. Either way, something is inspiring me to keep going. To persevere. It’s there, I’ve thought of it before I’m sure, and I’ll remember it later too.

So what is your inspiration to lose weight or to simply be fit? Or, are you inspired to gain tons of weight and die young with cheeto dust all over your shirt? That’s ok I guess.


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 79 | Inspiration

  1. Lol! It is totally ok to be inspired by yourself. That’s awesome actually! I am of course inspired to live a healthy life because I want good things for myself. I am inspired the most by Nicole Wilkins 4 time winner of the Figure Olympia because her self motivation and work ethic is insane. I am also inspired by Layne Norton because he has gone above and beyond to actually educate himself as well as work hard and become a natural body building pro. Then there is Proverbs 31 because I would love to be the hard working, intelligent woman that it describes. YOU are an inspiration too because of your commitment and diligence!

    • You’re too kind. I don’t feel I inspire myself, though I do motivate myself. It’s more a surprise right now that I stay motivated. I couldn’t tell anybody why it’s working.

      I have people that inspire me in my work and personal life, but at this point, I’m very much alone in this endevour and I’m actually ok with it. Perhaps, it’s because I am entirely doing this for myself. So I can be healthy. Yes, this is for my wife and kids so they can put up with me longer. I’m a cynic, I’m very sarcastic also, so I don’t have a lot of awe-inspiring moments like so many other do. I wish I could, I jsut don’t. In this endevour, it is very true that folks such as yourself are very much my inspiration. Thank you for stopping by so often. I cannot believe your will power and commitment. I would not be able to do what you’ve been doing. You should really stop reading my stuff, it could deinspire. 🙂 j/k Don’t stop reading. I only have like 3 regular readers. 🙂 ha ha.

      • Thank you! You could totally do what I am doing though. 🙂

        Lol! I won’t quit reading. It is fun to watch you sarcastically and cynically keep your commitments and meet your goals all the time. 🙂

        Have a great day!

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