Weight Loss Challenge – Day 83 | Greek Yogurt is Dumb

Firstly (I hate that word, if it is one, so I’m using it), I’ve decided to quit noting days I’ve missed in my titles. No more “Weight Loss Challenge – Day XX-XX.” It’s dumb. If I didn’t write on that day, why am I even mentioning it. It’s like I’m trying to turn in my late homework with my other homework that isn’t late.

Ok, that’s done. Now on to something only somewhat more interesting to you, though very interesting to me.

Yesterday was weigh in day, and I have to admit, I was pretty excited. I really felt I had done well and I wasn’t super nervous, because I was pretty confident. So here it is. My results.

Weight Loss this week: 2.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 28.8 lbs

That’s awesome! I am so happy with a 2 lb loss for the week. The only real change I made was my workouts. I was a little more diligent in actually doing them and when I did workout, I worked out much harder than I have been. I think that was the catalyst last week. This week, I think I’m going for the same thing. If I can get another 2 lbs, that’ll put me over 30 total lost which would be a pretty big milestone since that was my original goal.

My goal is to lose 30 pounds within 6 months from now. That means by April, I should have lost my weight.

~Me (October 22, 2014)

I could in reality, hit my goal in half the time I had anticipated. That’d be awesome.

For today, I have something new to try for breakfast. Over the last several weeks, I’ve been eating Yoplait’s regular and Light yogurts with a little granola. It’s definately been growing on me to the point where breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It’s the simplest, but the tastiest. I found a deal onΒ Chobani Greek YogurtΒ yesterday (20% off plus my 5% off using our Target Red Card) so I bought 3 (just in case I hate them).

These little devils are 5.3 oz as opposed to the 6 oz Yoplait. Ok, no biggie there. I’m paying considerably more for only .7 oz less. I can live with that. The product is supposed to be higher quality right?

Well, upon opening the container, what do I find, but the most disgusting looking congealed mass of yuck. You have to admit, this crap looks horrible. Ok, don’t judge a book by its cover right? So I stirred, and stirred and stirred. Yeah, this stuff doesn’t like being stirred. It’s as though they mixed water and oil, because no matter how much I stir, the crud seems to never fully mix with the fruit stuff.


My Breakfast. The contents of that container probably look delicious to most. To me, it was a veritable cesspool of congealed waste that I was expected to put into my mouth. But look at that beautiful granola behind it. I should really have moved that to the front. That’s what I should have been talking about.

Well, how did the stuff taste? Bitter… and slightly sour. This ain’t Yo Momma’s Yoplait is all I can say. I won’t say I hated it, but I cannot say I loved it. I’d be mad if this stuff had more calories than my regular stuff, but it’s pretty much between the original and light versions of Yoplait so, I can’t complain. I’ve discovered, if you add the right amount of granola to yogurt, any yogurt can taste good. I don’t see myself buying more of this stuff. The smell alone just makes me want to puke. Those greek yogurt lovers out there I’m sure are saying to yourselves, “what a little sissy baby. Doesn’t he know that greek yogurt is so much healthier?” Yes, I’m sure it is healthier than the synthetic stuff I’m eating. Yes, I understand their packaging says “Only Natural Ingredients” like “Pectin” and “Locust Bean Gum” which sound super good. No, I cannot jump on this bandwagon whole hog. I’ll eat my 3 cups that I bought at some point because I’m cheap, and then I’ll go back to my non-curd forming Yoplait (I should really get paid by Yoplait for how much I talk them up).

The best part of this stuff, though, is the container. These guys obviously know their stuff is not meant to be eaten without granola, as they made the container big enough for a 1/2 cup of granola to be mixed in without difficulty. Much appreciated.

Anyway, now that I’m done with whatever that was. I hope everyone else had a great weekend and is starting their day off with something better than a congealed glob of crud. Though there are worse things to eat.

What is the most disgusting thing you eat that is healthy for you? This yogurt is now at the top of my list.


5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 83 | Greek Yogurt is Dumb

  1. Firstly, πŸ™‚
    Great work!!!!!! So, you want to lose 30 MORE pound or you are only a little more than a pound away?
    When people ask me how Greek is (because I love it) I tell them you can’t expect it to taste like yogurt, it tastes more like sour cream. If you want a yogurt that tastes really amazing (and actually like yogurt). Siggis is awesome but it is also almost double the price of Greek yogurt. 😦
    They have it at Kroger. If it’s on sale you should try it! Or just just spend the money. You look filthy rich any way. πŸ™‚
    Again, great job! You are working hard and it is really paying off!

    • No, I don’t want to lose 30 more pounds. My original goal was 30 lbs. I’m going to hit that soon, so then my goal will be another 10 lbs or so I believe. Well, I’d love to get down to my weight when I got married which was 175. I’ve got some out of style clothes I’d love to wear again (not sure they were ever “in” style).

      I’m not really dissatisfied with my Yoplait, so I’ll probably go back to that, since I’m filthy cheap ;-).

      If I look filthy rich, then I’m doing something right. probably by never posting any pics of myself. It’s a certain sense of, I’m too rich to take pictures of myself sort of air I’m going for. Ha ha… That would make no sense. Perhaps I’ll post a pic whenst I hit 175. I’ll have to find a decent before pic that would validate the reason for posting an after pic if I do though and there aren’t very many I’d be willing to post, even with a lot of cropping. πŸ˜‰

      I appreciate the support. It’s always a bright spot in my day to see comments from you and others. Have a great day.

  2. I eat nothing disgusting that’s healthy for me. Everything I eat is healthy and delicious! Except for tomorrow… when I’ll have a pizza… not exactly healthy, but still damn delicious!

    You should try Skyr my friend, it’s icelandic yogurt that rivals greek yogurt in health and in my eyes… 10 times better, no weird chunks either. I recommend the vanilla one! It has less kcal, less sugar and more protein than greek yogurt per serving size!

    Think you can find it in America, done by Siggi’s (?) Icelandic yogurt, with a little imprint of the word Skyr on it.

    • Ha ha… Your Skyr yogurt you recommend was just recommended by Keen Peach. I may have to check it out. Though, as I’ve noted, I’m not dissatisfied with my regular yogurt option. Though, I don’t care for the overall sugar amount. In the end though, I’m more concerned with Calories, which I know is a very elementary way of going about this. I do try to get more protein in my diet, but alas, I’m also very, very cheap. πŸ™‚

      Way to go on not eating anything you find disgusting. I’m a very picky eater, so I find a lot of things disgusting Olives, Pickles, Quiche, Vanilla, Rye Bread to name just a small number of the things I cannot stand. For the longest time, even yogurt was on that list. Pretty high up really. I like to think, that I am evolving and growing into something some might consider, an adult.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the recommendation. Now that two folks have recommended Siggi’s, I may have to try it, otherwise I’ll just seem like a dolt for complaining, yet not trying something else.

      Have a great day.

      • Saying you don’t like rye bread to a Finnish person… dem’s fighting words boy! πŸ˜‰

        Though, granted, I can’t even imagine how America butchers it… try it in Finland if you ever decide to visit, you’ll be surprised at how delicious it truly is!

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