Weight Loss Challenge – Day 85 | Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Today is my work from home day. That means, to eat right, I have to be extra careful as there are so many more temptations around me at home. It’s so easy to just run upstairs and grab 4 ice cream sandwiches and bag of trail mix and then wonder why I gained so much weight.

That is why, I try to make sure I have a plan for the day. Today’s plan was to eat a lighter than normal breakfast, so I could take the wife and 2 younger kids to Panera for lunch. I have a great go to meal I get now from them.

You Pick 2

  • Half – Asian Sesame Chicken Salad – 210 calories
    • 2 Tbps Asian Sesame Dressing – 60 calories
  • Half – Smokehouse Turkey Panini – 360 calories
  • French Baguette – 180 calories

Totals For Lunch Today

    • Calories: 810
    • Fat: 30
    • Sodium: 2,280
    • Carbs: 88
      • Sugar: 10
    • Protein: 49

This is by no means the healthiest meal (just look at the sodium), but it’s not too bad and keeps my calorie intake manageable for the day and it’s oh so good.

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Free Advice

We unfortunately had to do take out because our youngest decided to be sick all over the front of my sweatshirt which was awesome. So, since we were doing take out, I hate to spend $4-$6 on a kids PB & J that I could just make for like $.40 (exaggerated, it’s probably a little more). So when we find ourselves getting take out and we still need to feed our kids, I have a little trick up my sleeve so we don’t have to get them food also. Before I go to the restaurant, I’ll make them a PB & J sandwich and hide it. Then when I get home, I pull my sandwich out of it’s box or wrapper and throw my home made creation in. The kids are none the wiser, and since it’s “from a resawant” it tastes so much better and they actually eat it.

I know, I’m horrible and deceitful etc etc. But, I encourage anyone else who enjoys lying to their small children to do the same. It’ll save you tons of money on PB & J sandwiches.

And I’m giving that advice away for free. You bargain shopper you. 🙂


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