Weight Loss Challenge – Day 86 | Water

I started this post this morning and got about 2/3 done… with the title and then ran out of things to say. So I saved the draft hoping to come back to it this afternoon after my workout with something to say. That sort of worked, I have something to say, though I have my doubts it’s very interesting. 🙂

Fact: Water is Important!

False: It is fun working out without water!

I took off for the gym about an hour ago ready to have the best workout of my life today, all to get there and find I forgot my water bottle. Now, I certainly could have walked the whole block away to go back to my desk and get my water bottle, but nay I say to you, that would have taken too much time. So, I went without. Of course, I still wanted to have my best workout ever.

Fact: You’re not likely going to have your best workout of your life if you forget your water bottle at your desk you Dolt!

There's my water bottle, all snug as a bug next to Mr. Coffee mug.

There’s my water bottle, all snug as a bug next to Mr. Coffee mug looking so smug, the jerk.

Ouch, that hurts, and so did my workout. Here’s the breakdown of my workout. (mind you,

there are plenty of people out there that have much more intense workouts than I do, so don’t go thinking you’re some atlantean god because your workouts are more advanced or difficult than mine. It just means you’re a dink for thinking that.

  • 30 Minutes Rowing Machine
    • 27 Minutes Alternate Medium to Hard
      • 2 Minutes – Medium (28-34 spm)
      • 1 Minute – Hard (34+ spm)
      • Repeat
    • 1 Minute – Medium (28-34 spm)
    • 2 Minutes – Hard (34+ spm)
  • 3 Sets of Cable Bicep Curls
  • 3 Sets of Cable Tricep Curls

According to my rowing machine, if I were a 150 pound man, the below number is how many calories I burned during the rowing workout. I am not a 150 pound man, but I feel no need to figure out exactly how many calories I truly did burn.

Total Calories Burned: 445

Total Distance Traveled (Virtually): 7,100 meters | 4.41 miles

I did this exact same workout on Tuesday and managed to row about 190 more meters on Tuesday and burned about 7 more calories roughly on Tuesday.

Fact: I had the best workout of my life… on Tuesday!

False: I am not allowed to gloat about it.

Lesson learned folks. Don’t forget your water bottle. When I was a youngster in my 20’s I could run 10 miles, without walking, and without a sip of water during the run. Now, just typing this post has made me thirsty. Getting older is no fun. I don’t even think I’m wiser. Bummer.

Have a great day everyone.


One thought on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 86 | Water

  1. Lol! Great job! What awesome workouts! Yeah working out without water sucks. 😦
    I can’t believe you used to easily run 10 miles. The farthest I have ever ran was 9 miles and it was the day after I ate a whole cake. 😦

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