Weight Loss Challenge – Day 91 | Ugh!


What a let down after yesterdays high. Today is a completely different story. I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I’m tired… and hungry.

I ate my breakfast as soon as I got in this morning which is slightly out of character. Usually I wait about 20-30 minutes so I can get situated. Then, I proceeded to gobble up half my lunch too. Whoops! Now what?

Lunch has since come and gone and I’m quite hungry after my workout. Which, by the way, my workout consisted of a 20 minute rowing/resting session. I started off strong, well… I started out mediocre at about 32 spm. I managed to keep that pace for nearly 10 minutes, and then I just hit a wall. I could hardly row for more than 2 minutes at a time without having to just flat out stop.

The moral of the story?

I don’t know, I’m too tired to think. Let’s hope I only raid my backup granola bar stash and don’t hit up the downtown for a bagel or something. The positive side of this is I have meetings the rest of the day, so I probably won’t even have time to go anywhere for a snack.

So what’s a good way to inject some energy into my body that’ll start acting fast, last, and won’t make me hit a wall shortly thereafter? (i.e. Not Caffeine, Not Red Bull, Not 5 Hour Energy, blah blah blah)


One thought on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 91 | Ugh!

  1. A Banana. Not only does it protect you from muscle cramps, it’s easily digested into the body for a fast boost in energy.

    Stay strong my friend, would Batman raid his granola bar stash? Or eat what he’s not supposed to?

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