Weight Loss Challenge – Day 93 | Burnout

The last couple days since I hit the half-way mark, I’ve been feeling quite burned out. Perhaps it’s the rash of illnesses that have hit our household and the lack of sleep, but I’m finding I am having a harder time getting motivated to keep going.

This post is not going to provide some wonderfully insightful nugget of life wisdom that will inspire the world with my immense intelligence and self-discipline. No, or shall I say, Nay. This post is simply me whining. 🙂 I need a good slap in the face to motivate me (note: I only want a figurative/metaphorical slap, not a real one so stop rubbing your hands together in a maniacal manner like that).

I’m still baffled at the fact that hitting 90 days is somehow making me lose my focus. Perhaps, I should not have put so much emphasis on the achievements I made. Not sure. Either way, I need to put my big boy pants on (well, my slightly smaller big boy pants that is) and buck up and just find something else to motivate me.


One thought on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 93 | Burnout

  1. Why’d you start the journey? Go back to that thought, why did you set out to lose those 30lbs? You’ve reached a milestone and that’s a crossroad for you, the crossroad everyone who reaches set milestones meets and that is “… i’m already here, why would i continue as hard as i did? what’s the point?” and then slowly but surely you will start to slip.

    Slip, slipping away back to how you were and how it was. Not all at once no… but small steps… a little leeway here, a little bit there and then a year has gone by and we’ll see another “Oh yeah, this time for sure, I’ll do it!” next January. You don’t want that. You’ve without a doubt been there before and you’re done with it!

    You’re better than that, you know you’re better than that. You know what you want and that is to be healthy, for the rest of your life on this journey, and that is exactly what you will do. Because you’re worth it. You know it, I know it, so stop whining and let’s get on it! Let’s do this!

    Consider that your metaphorical slap!

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