Working Out Sans Underpants

I arrived at the gym on my lunch, pulled out my workout clothes all to find, no extra underwear. Fear, anxiety, and a slew of other emotions ran rampant in my head. What do I do? I just wrote about how stoked I am about this week and getting a great start with my workouts. Now I have no extra pair of underwear.

So I worked out commando style. Too much information? Yeah, but I had to write about it. It was either workout without or work the rest of the day without. I chose the shorter of two evils. Luckily I cannot run anymore and rowing has a very limited amount of bounce action so we were good on that front. Plus, since I wear workout pants, no chance of any dress code violations if you know what I mean.

I will admit though, one of my first thoughts was, “What if I get pants-ed?” REALLY? Because that happens so often at the gym. What a dolt.

Anyway, the workout went well. I’m not planning to change my workout routine to exclude my trusty underwear anytime soon, but it’s nice to know I didn’t let a little less support downtown dampen my workout spirit today.

What would you do it you realized you were missing an integral part of your workout attire?


7 thoughts on “Working Out Sans Underpants

  1. Totally happened to me in highschool. The pants’d. I was spotting a guy on bench and this girl from the swim team pants’d me–all I had on underneath my shorts was a speedo.

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