Toy Review: DC Collectibles Arkham Asylum | Scarecrow

It’s Toy Review Tuesday again and this week I’m reviewing the very creepy Scarecrow.


  • Character: Scarecrow
  • Manufacturer: DC Collectibles
  • Series: DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Asylum 
  • Dimensions: 6
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs (Entire Set)
  • Recommended: Ages 14+
  • MSRP: $59.99 | Paid: $41.95
  • Part Number/SKU: MAR140312

Articulation – ★★★☆☆

Scarecrow has some very big limitations with his articulation as a result of his hunched over posture. This wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that hunching over forces his face to be looking down. There’s almost no way to stand him upright so you can see his face. This is the primary reason for the 3 star rating.

Total POA’s = 16

  • Arms – There are 4 joints in each arm similar to the Harley Quinn figure.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint with full 360 rotation as well as the ability to raise and lower the arm outward. The mold of the shoulder in addition to what I like to call a mock turtlneck he’s wearing hides a lot of the joint.
    • Upper Arm: Pin Joint allows for full 360 degree turn of the arm which is great for getting just the right position on Scarecrows arms.
    • Elbows: Pin/Hinge joints allow for about 100 degrees of rotation, with grooves that allow for the joint to stick in place
    • Wrists: Peg Joint allows for 360 degree twist of the hand
  • Legs – There are 3 joints in each leg/hip area.
    • Hips: Ball Joint with very limited motion. It’s a standard T-Crotch joint which limits the hip movement to forward and backward movement. The mold of the buttocks limits Scarecrows ability further from moving his legs backwards, but in the end, it wouldn’t look natural to move his legs that far back anyway.
    • Thigh: Peg Joints with only about 30-40 degrees of rotation. It’s possible they could rotate more, but the joint felt as though it would break if I tried too hard so I’m leaving it at that.
    • Ankle: This isn’t so much an ankle as it is midway between the knee and ankle. A Peg joint that allows for full 360 motion. This is the most important joint on this figure as it is critical to being able to find a position that allows Scarecrow to stand on his own.
  • Body: Peg Joint that allows for full 360 rotation of the torso. The positive of this joint is that you can actually position Scarecrow in several ways with his torso rotated and you can still get him to stand on his own.
  • Head: Peg Joint allows for full 360 degree motion. Of all Scarecrows joints, the neck/head joint is the most versatile. He has a lot of tilt ability which allows for a lot of positioning which is great.

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Mold – ★★★★☆

There are some real positives and some big negatives to the mold of this Scarecrow figure. The detail on this figure is awesome. From the stitches on his clothes to the freakishly awesome details of his face, this figure screams detail.

This figure also screams inconvenient. Since they made Scarecrow hunched over, it makes it very difficult to get him to stand on his own, at first, that is. I actually like the hunch he has as it makes him look more sinister. The problem is the fact that you cannot see his face when you just look straight at him. He’s always looking down, which wouldn’t be a big deal, except his face is one of the coolest features of the figure.

Paint – ★★★★☆

Paint on the Scarecrow is definitely one of the highlights of this figure. Though limited in palette, the details incorporated into this figure are awesome. Starting with the flesh, which appears dirty and worn, which makes the figure look almost real.

His clothes have a great texture to them from the mold that the paint really accentuates perfectly. His face, though, is where you’re getting your moneys worth. The detail work of the mold was an excellent canvas for the paint to truly make this figure a scary looking dude.

Accessories – ★★★★☆

Scarecrow comes with a single leather bag/pouch. Now, don’t get me wrong, this sounds totally lame, but this bag looks awesome. The mold and paint work are superb.

Technically not an accessory as it’s molded onto the figure, on his right hand is a weapon that appears to be syringes on each finger. Quite the glove. I’m just hoping he doesn’t accidentally scratch his face. Anyway, this is a pretty cool weapon, though it may have been slightly better if it were of a harder plastic rather than the softer.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

The packaging that this set comes in is a rectangular box with a plastic window in the front which allows you to see all 4 characters. I prefer this packaging style over the blister/bubble packaging as you can easily stack other boxes on top should you decide not to open your figures. It also protects the figures better in my opinion. As far as the look, the design is nice enough. It’s something I wouldn’t have a problem with displaying, though I wanted my figures out of the box so I could hold them.

Overall Rating – ★★★★☆

Overall, I gave the Scarecrow 4 of 5 stars. Though he’s really lacking in the articulation side of things, his mold, paint, and accessories really make up for it. I can get over the fact that I cannot see his face straight on because my figures are on a shelf above me at work, thus, I look up and I see his face and I shutter, because I’m so terrified (not really, I’m a tough SOB, I would never be scared of a little action figure).

Scarecrow probably isn’t the reason someone should buy this set, but it was a big reason I bought it. I don’t care the much for the character as there are certainly better villains out there, but the quality of this figure is good enough that even if he’s not your preferred character, it’s still worth the money.

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