Weight Loss Challenge – Day 98 | Getting High

Shameless attempt for clicks with that title eh?

It’s day 98 and today, I, for the first time in several years started to feel that feeling of euphoria while working out. It was subtle. It wasn’t like it used to be when I was in my early to middle 20’s and I was working out 4-5 hours per day, taking supplements, and lived and breathed fitness, but the little taste of the high was enough to change my attitude about this challenge. At least, for today, though I hope for more than just that.

I didn’t change my workout routine all that much, and I didn’t change my food intake much either. I simply felt great during my workout. Here’s what I did today.

  • 3 Sets Bicep Curls (Dumbells)
  • 3 Sets Tricep Curls (Dumbells)
  • 20 Minutes Rowing Machine
    • 1 Minute Easy/Moderate (30-34 spm)
    • 1 Minute Moderate/Hard (34+ spm)
  • 3 Sets Bicep Curls (Curl Bar)

Like I said, nothing too strenuous. I even had about 7 minutes remaining to sit in the steam room to sweat out last nights food indulgences from the better halves B-Day dinner. I honestly didn’t eat too bad in terms of calories. With my workout from Monday and the reduced calories I ate for Breakfast and Lunch, I wound up only going over by about 400 calories. A total of 2313 calories were eaten by me yesterday, so not bad at all. That’s really just maintenance intake anyway.

The one thing I have changed is how I’m tracking my workouts, namely, how I track my workout calories burned. Before this week, I would wear my FitBit device while playing Hockey and Rowing, but I would also log the activities manually. I decided I would stop doing both. Essentially, I’ve been double dipping on the activity calories I get back to my diet. Not horrible as I’ve still been losing weight, but, I’d like to see what this change does to my overall weight loss. I have watched to see what extra calories burned the rowing was probably giving me and for every 10 minutes of rowing, it was logging about 50 calories burned. Manually entering the calories burned I would enter about 160 calories for those 10 minutes. It’s probably not that inaccurate since my manual numbers are coming from the computer display on the device which I’m told are calibrated for a 150 lb male. I don’t weigh that, so my 160 calories per 10 minutes might be higher for my weight, but not likely by an extra 50 calories.

Long story short, I’m not double dipping anymore on those activities I’m manually entering into my FitBit app. Let’s see how this affects my weight loss over the next couple weeks.

Now, back to the workout high I felt today. Where is it coming from? My theory, I think I’m coming up on the peak of my weight loss curve. I look at my own weight loss as a bell curve of difficulty. Just before the peak is where the difficulty of keeping the eating in check and actually losing weight can be the most difficult (for me). 1-bell-curveThis is the point where I have the highest likelihood of quitting. It means I’ve had success before, and now, I’m either burnt out, or I find something new to keep me motivated. I think I’ve found that new motivation. I cannot define it other than, the feeling of euphoria and enjoyment while I workout. This may be the beginning of the descent into the world of fitness and consequently weight loss is now easy for me.

Note that I refer all of these things to myself. I’m not a fitness expert, I simply know myself and I’ve seen this before.

So, if my bell curve is right, and I’m hitting my fitness high, then I’m on my way to success. Note that I’ve never gotten to maintaining my weight and stayed there, so hopefully I can change that trend, but for now, I’m not too worried about that point in my journey.

The graphic I shared is also not scientific at all. I made all of that up based on my own experiences in the past and what I’m experiencing now.

Those of you who have been working to lose weight yourselves, how and what have you been learning about yourself, your body, and mind that is either showing you how you succeed or even why you fail?

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 98 | Getting High

  1. I’ve never had any form of fitness high or euphoria while I’ve worked out, so I’m a bit envious – could be because of my MS… regardless of the intensity, working out for me is about one thing, and one thing only – Pain, which gradually forms into a very, very scary form of numbness.

    You’ll do it this time Mr. Wayne, Gotham needs its caped crusader in shape, so better keep that weight off!

  2. So great!!!! Congrats on the fitness high! I like your graphic. Especially the “never been here” haha. I hope this is the beginning of your new (or old 20’s self) love of fitness!
    I keep learning things all the time. Low carb is not the way (for me). Muscle mass is the best thing ever for your metabolism and physique. Too much cardio is bad. Probably the most important thing I have learned is that I don’t ever know enough!
    Keep up the good work!

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