Weight Loss Challenge – Day 101 | Wanna Race

I sat down to do my daily workout on the rowing machine this afternoon and about 3 minutes into it a young lady sits down on the rower next to me. This made me smile, but not because I was sitting next to some hot chick at the gym, no… (I’m not a creep, or at least I don’t think I am) it made me smile because now I had someone to race.

Of course, she had no idea we were racing. It’s not like I was going to turn to her and say, hey, wanna sync our start times and see who rows 5,000 meters first. Not by a long shot is this socially awkward person going to say that to anyone.

Instead, I have this tendency to create a race in my head when I am rowing next to someone. This is why I choose the bay of two rowers over the single rower bays throughout the gym. I like having someone rowing next to me, unless they smell or are really loud, then I hate them and I may shorten my workout just to move.

Let’s back up though. As I walked across the street this afternoon heading to the gym, my mind and body was telling me this.

Hey man, you’ve done pretty good this week, how about we just do a short 10 minute low intensity row, then do a couple low intensity bicep curls and then hop in the steam room.

I really wanted to listen to that guy. I even heard him chirping at me as I walked the track to get to my rower. I even set my rowers workout session to 10 minutes. Now, once I started, I decided I couldn’t just phone this workout in, but when the young lady, let’s call her Jenny sat down, I just couldn’t bring myself to sluff off. It got me thinking about the intensity levels of my workouts and sure enough, if I think honestly, when I’m working out next to someone, be they young, old, attractive or nay, I workout much harder.

So as socially awkward as I am, as unwilling to meet new people as I am, I sure welcome anyone to workout next to me. I know you’re not judging me, and I know you don’t even care what I’m doing (as long as I don’t smell or make a lot of noise), but it’s the fact you’re there that I can use to my advantage. Let’s also be clear, I don’t care what you’re doing if you’re sitting next to me. Honestly, while I’m rowing, I have my eyes closed for about 50% of the workout. I used to run with my eyes closed a lot too. Not sure why, it’s just the most relaxing way for me to focus and get in the zone.

Do any of you do anything similar when you’re working out? Do you imaging you’re racing unsuspecting treadmill runners or that you’re saving a damsel or dudsel (is there a male version of damsel) in distress and you and the person next to you must lift an impossible weight (dumbell) off their quickly dying body? Or am I alone here and really really weird? Ah… If I’m weird I don’t really care, it works for me, but go ahead and think I’m weird if it makes you feel better about yourself… ha ha j/k or not? 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 101 | Wanna Race

  1. First of all, that insane that you used to run with your eyes closed! How in the heck?
    I actually blogged a few weeks ago about a similar experience I had on the treadmill. I am not as competitive as you are so instead of racing the woman next to me, I more imagined myself as a car that is trailing behind a Mac truck haha. I was mooching off of her energy. 🙂
    Your game is better.

    • I didn’t run the whole way with my eyes closed. Maybe about a tenth of a mile at a time. Then own my eyes really quick to get the lay of the land then close them again. I love mooching of others energy.

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