Weight Loss Challenge – Day 104 | Super Monday

Another Sunday has come and gone and now it’s Monday. The day I get to reveal the results of my Sunday weigh in. Let’s just jump right in.

Weight Loss this week: 2.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 34.0 lbs

Whoo Hoo!!! I couldn’t have been more excited to see those numbers on Sunday morning. I’m down to 187 lbs from a starting weight of 221 lbs. I’m so excited about the progress I’ve seen. There have definitely be struggles and setbacks over the last 104 days, but with results like these, I can only focus on the positives.


Since I had such a great weigh in, I decided to treat myself and the kids to giant Great Harvest Cinnamon Rolls. Well, I ate about half of one, then another 1/4 once my daughters realized they didn’t like the frosting (I didn’t care for it either, but I still ate it). I had to eat what my girls did right? (I hate throwing food away, which has been a big reason why I’m doing this challenge in the first place).

It was Super Bowl Sunday yesterday and the first year in quite some time we didn’t have plans to go to my Mother & Father In-Laws house for the game, so I still wanted to have a “party” for my family. Namely because they love football so much (said with extreme sarcasm). Here’s what I wound up making the family. A giant pan of nachos and my daughters loved them. Well, my oldest did. The younger one (Emma) just wanted plain chips and proceeded to dip them in Ketchup, then BBQ sauce and then she created a BBQ Fruit Punch sauce (that’ll help anyone lose weight).

20150201_165959 20150201_173136

So, eating a bunch of junk food on the day you weigh yourself and find you’ve lost 2 lbs for the week seems a bit counter productive, but the thing is, Sundays are my “free” day. Namely because I play hockey so I burn the most calories on Sundays. I ate more than I should have and it was great.

My advice: Allow yourself one controlled “free” day to eat more calories, perhaps even more calories than your maintenance intake would allow for. This is a mental strategy. It gives you that happiness everyone misses when they’re on a diet. Make sure you track the calories still so you don’t wind up eating 10k calories that day, but even 1k over your maintenance number won’t kill your diet, so long as it was planned. Then ensure the next day is back to your regularly scheduled pittance of a menu.

I hope Monday finds everyone else as happy as it does me. I’m happy I didn’t care who won the Super Bowl, how could I since I left after half-time to go play hockey. What a great Super Bowl Party. Oh, and how could anyone not love watching the half-time show around my kids. After Perry was done, my oldest said, “I liked her singing, I think I’ll be a fan of hers.” A lot better than when Beyonce gyrated around and my daughter said, “Why is she moving weird like that?”


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