Weight Loss Challenge – Day 105 | Bit of a letdown

Yesterday, I attempted to do my typical rowing workout, but found all the machines were taken. No worries, I’ll just go lift and by the time I’m done, there will be one open. Nope! That started my apparent demise for Monday and today. I wound up just doing my lift which was a shortened one and heading back to work.

Today was different. Had an all day meeting with some folks at Microsoft so there was no opportunity to do my workout at all. Ugh! Oh well right? They provided lunch which used to be my favorite part about these all day meetings. Today, I was nervous. Are they going to give us the super tasty deep dish pizza that I love, or the much healthier sub sandwich option. Whew, we got the sandwich option.

I can take a lot of positives out of the situation. Even without the workout, yesterday, I still managed to end the day with about 27 calories remaining. That’s pretty darn good, considering that put me just under 1,600 for the whole day. Today may prove to be a little tougher. As of right now, I have 682 calories remaining for supper tonight. Again, I need to take some positives from this. I have a lot of tools I can employ to ensure I don’t go over my calories. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I do.

Sorry to leave you with such a cliff hanger. I’m sure you’ll tune in tomorrow to find out what happens.


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