Weight Loss Challenge – Day 106 | As Promised

I promised you yesterday in my Weight Loss Challenge – Day 105 post that I’d provide the results of how my day ended. I’m no liar, so here we go.

I wound up finishing the day 144 calories over my daily allotted 1,600. AHHH!!! Everybody PANIC!!!

No… No biggie. That’s why I’m at 1,600 per day. If I need to, I can go over my calories by 400 and still just be at a maintenance level or even still losing level. I really needed those extra calories for a beer that just had my name on it. 🙂 ha ha. Anyway, I finished the day off with 2 servings of tortilla chips and some pico de gallo salsa, then half a grilled cheese sandwich. It was great. It’s always such a great feeling to finish the day and know you succeeded.

Thus far this week, my workouts have not lived up to my expectations, but, in the end it’s been good to take it a bit easy. My foot has been hurting a lot lately so giving it a little rest is needed to ensure I don’t cripple myself.

Ok, well, not the cliff hanger you were expecting, but hey, you’re the one who got your hopes up, not me. 🙂

Have a great day everyone and good luck with your goals.


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