Weight Loss Challenge – Day 108 | Checking In

I don’t have a whole lot to share at this time. Things are going very well so far with the weight loss challenge. Tonight I go out with some friends so I’m pseudo fasting during the first portion of the day so I have enough calories available to ensure I can have fun without worry about setting myself back too far.

What do you all do when you know you’ve got a fun event in the evening and you want to “let loose” but not kill your goals?

What do you do when that fun event is in the morning or over the lunch hour? Is that harder to deal with or easier for you? For me, this is much harder. I’d prefer the evening to let loose as it’s only one meal then bed time.

Have a great weekend everyone.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 108 | Checking In

  1. I feel the same way. If I am going to cheat I like it to be at dinner. It is so hard for me to go off track and then get back on haha. I have to go off track, go to bed, get back on track. Sorry, I am no help. Have fun at your event!

    • Getting off track is such a tough one. With this challenge, I’m trying to schedule in “Getting off track” into my plan. I’m trying to actually utilize the break from my overall plan so it’s not totally off track, but it feels like I am. Not sure if that makes sense.

      • Yes that makes sense. Prepare to still feel like you are “off track” haha. I plan these and still wrestle with it. Why do we do that?

      • I honestly have come to look forward to my “planned” deviations from my plan. It’s what has kept me going with this challenge. It gives me something to work towards. I know that if I do well the whole week, then this one day or one meal or whatever is where I get to not worry about what I’m eating and slurge. Half the time though, because it forces me to be so good during the rest of the week, I don’t really splurge and thus, I don’t actually fall off my plan at all. Sometimes I do, so it’s not 100% successufl. I think the other thing I try to do is to make sure I’ve already planned the next meal afterward before my splurge meal. That way, I already know how to get back on track.

        So far that has worked. I can’t promise myself it’ll always work, but it seems to be working for now. With the extreme plan I’m on, I need that otherwise I’d totally burn out.

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