Weight Loss Challenge – Day 125 | I’m Back

I took a 7 day unplanned break from my Weight Loss Challenge posts last week. There was no reason. Nothing major happened. Everyday, I thought about writing something, but I didn’t. That is all the reason I have. It was an interesting week for me. I worked out 1 day last week. If you recall, I threw my back out last Sunday night. So, I spent the entirety of the week trying to get my back better. I managed to maintain a pretty consistent eating schedule all week last week and by Saturday when I weighed myself to do a quick check before the big weigh in on Sunday I found I was nearly 2 lbs down. Then came Sunday morning. Well, here’s the results.

Weight Loss this week: 1 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 39 lbs


First, I’m happy I lost weight. It was a bit of a tough week to stay on my diet with the back issues, but when you see nearly 2 lbs just the day before and now the official weigh in is just about 1 lb less than you were thinking you’d get, that can be a tough pill to swallow.

So I let that get to me the rest of the day. I ate way too much yesterday. By the end of the day, I was about 400 calories over my total calories with the added activity calories I earned from hockey. I’m not bummed about that, but I’m a little disappointed at how I let a little number get me so down and how I let it really affect my entire day. What I should have been thinking is this. If I was simply retaining some extra food/water from the night before, that means when I weigh myself this week, I should be able to see those results, which could mean this weeks weigh in might/should be better (so long as I stay on point). I love getting a little buffer for my next weigh in. That’s what I wish I had been able to focus on. Not the stupid pound I didn’t get to claim.

I had a bad day. In the end, I lost a pound on a week of nearly no workouts. That’s pretty great. I packed my lunch for today which is totally on par for my diet so things are looking good. My back is at about 90% so I can go workout today which is also great. Last week is last week. Today is here and I’m excited.

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