Weight Loss Challenge – Day 140 | How Much Is Enough?

It’s day 140 of the weight loss challenge and since I’ve started, I’ve met every single goal I’ve set for myself. First it was 30 lbs, then 40. I’m now looking to get down 50 lbs next. That’ll put me at 170 lbs. So, the question is, where/when do I stop trying to lose weight?

From what I’ve seen, based on my height, age, and gender, my ideal weight is between 131-164 lbs. That’s just ideal. So that’s about 16 more pounds from where I’m at. Now, I’m not a scrawny person, and I understand that BMI and ideal weight is very much relative to your muscle mass etc. So the question stands, where do I stop? My next goal is 170. I’ve never been below 175 in my adult life so being at 170 would be pretty incredible.

At this point, I’m interested to see what my body might look and feel like in the 160’s. I doubt I’d maintain a weight there, but, it might be quite interesting to see myself at my ideal weight.

Have any of you ever been at your “ideal” weight for you height, age, and gender? Was it something you were able to maintain? How did you feel when you were at that weight?


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 140 | How Much Is Enough?

  1. You’ve done an amazing job so far, really have and now it’s time to start finding a routine that you can keep for as long as you can live – unless you’re planning on losing weight for the remainder of your life 🙂

    These last few pounds you’ll drop, should be dropped slowly in a manner that you can keep – in my eyes at least – like, I’d calculate your BMR of your ‘ideal weight’ and eat at that – to slowly, yet steadily reduce weight and gain muscle.

    I could be full of it and giving advice that is in no way relative to your life situation or intentions, but yeah – food for thought at least 🙂

    • I agree with your approach and that’s my intention. I’m kind of wondering just how far do i want to go you know. Maybe I’ll like being at 160 and will stay there and maybe not. It’s a good 1st world problem to have as opposed to all the others could complain about.

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