Weight Loss Challenge – Day 141 | 5 Inches

I was wondering this morning as I pulled my jeans on, that are far too large around the waist, just how much has my waist changed since I started. I didn’t take any before measurements except my weight, but I do remember which notch I was at on my belts. So, I did the measurement on one of my belts and sure enough, I’ve shaved a little more than 5 inches off my waist since starting.

FIVE INCHES! That’s pretty huge. No wonder my pants are so big on me. I just thought I’d share that for some reason.

What I really can’t wait for is for my extra belly skin to start firming up. The junk just above my belt. It may never go away entirely, but if I could get rid of that, and have a flat stomach, that’d be pretty sweet. I don’t think even when I got down to 175 before I got married that it ever truly went away, so it could just be here to stay, which is ok.

At this point, I feel like such a new person. I’m excited to see what my body is going to look like everyday, and though it is currently an obsession, I cannot wait to get to the point where my body image is more an afterthought than my first thought. Currently, when I look in the mirror, I still see a lot of the overweight parts of me, even in spots that technically aren’t chubby. I wonder why our minds do that to us? Seems kindof mean to do that to yourself. So, not only is this challenge a physical one, it’s also very much a mental one. I need to learn how to change my self-image. That’s the hardest part about all of this.

Well, good luck me, and everyone else out there working to lose weight and become a new person.


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