Weight Loss Challenge – Day 146 | My Butt Hurts

Yeah, bad title, though as I’ve noted before about being colder since losing the weight, I’ve noticed lately that my butt hurts because of my wallet a lot more. No, it’s not because it’s plumb full of money (I wish). Whenever I’m sitting in my car driving or at my desk at work, I notice my butt kills because my wallet is digging in on the right side. Take out the wallet, and all is fine. Anybody ever notice this after losing weight? Perhaps I miss my extra cushion a little.

Enough about my butt, unless you want to hear more… (waiting… waiting…) nope, ok, we’ll move on. Sunday was weigh in day for me. It didn’t go so well. Let’s back up, weigh in day went fine. The scale worked as expected, I was able to read the numbers. What didn’t go so well were the few days leading up to weigh in day. As noted on Friday, I was not feeling so great about continuing my weight loss challenge. Thus, Friday and Saturday, I didn’t eat so well. Not horribly, but not great either. Part of the problem with my weight was on Saturday, my wife and I had a very rare date night scheduled in which we had a baby sitter. That meant, we went out to eat on Saturday evening. I, being the wise weight loss dieter, chose to have a very light breakfast and an apple for lunch so I could indulge for dinner. And indulge I did. I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a tall beverage. We then headed over to the local frozen yogurt shoppe and I proceeded to pile on 14.8 ounces of froyo and candies on this delectable masterpiece of which I ate all of it. Overall, my daily intake was only 940 calories over my daily allowed intake (+- 500). So yeah, I’m not too surprised or concerned about my weigh in results. Oh wait, I forgot to post them. Here they are.

Weight Loss this week: +2 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 39.8 lbs


This was a setback, but not too bad. I’ll get it back this week. Sunday night I went to “The Pit” as I’m now calling it to workout and had an excellent workout. I did some rowing, the elliptical, the bench press, bicep curls, and triceps curls. It was a great workout. So now today I feel re-energized to keep up the healthier eating so I can lose these last 10-15 pounds.

Good luck everyone else with your weight loss challenges.


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