Weight Loss Challenge – Day 153 | Am I Getting Too Buff?

It was weigh in day yesterday. If you recall last week I gained weight. Some of that weight gain I attribute to having a fairly large meal just the night before, but I really cannot attribute all of the weight gain to that. As you’ll see below, my weigh in this week got my weight back down to where I was a couple weeks ago, but there was no real loss beyond that. So this has gotten me thinking about what I can do to get back to success I was having before. I’ve been eating about the same as before, until I get home, that is and on the weekends. By the end of the day I’m so hungry. So hungry, in fact, that I just cannot control myself. Some of this is me just being burned out from the nearly 6 months of total commitment to control, but what else has changed?

Perhaps, as the title suggests, I’m not really gaining body fat weight, but I’m actually gaining some muscle mass. Since I’ve started struggling losing these last 10 lbs I’ve also increased my weight lifting. I’ve been doing a lot more than I had before. No, I’m not lifting huge weights. People are stopping their workouts to watch me own the bench press because they’ve never seen someone destroy such huge weights. No, when I lift, I focus on making sure I can complete my set, though I have been increasing the weight over the weeks. I was also increasing the amount of time I spent on lifting.

It’s possible that maybe a little bit of my trouble has been due to my muscles being built and contradicting the fat loss. I’m not so diluted to think, however, that I’ve gotten so buff that for every ounce of fat I burn I’m adding an ounce or more of muscle. No, that’d be ridiculous. What I think is happening is because I’m doing more lifting, my body needs more nutrients and thus, I’m hungrier. My body needs more food to compensate for the energy burned. Add in the fact that I know I’m not eating the right foods for a good lifting lifestyle and I’ve got a no win situation if my goal is to lose weight.

What’s the solution then? Eat better right? Nah! I just don’t feel like doing that. I know, that’s stupid. The problem is, I liked the foods I have been eating that got me my weekly losses. So here’s my solution, and this is temporary. I’m going to reduce my lifting and increase my cardio. Gasp!!! Yeah, I’m probably not going to eliminate the lifting entirely, afterall, I gotta keep the guns ready for the gun show, but perhaps I can just get by with a couple pistols instead of bazookas right?

How did I do this last week? Here we go. I’m not disappointed, though I was hoping for a little bit better. Oh well.

Weight Loss this week: 2.2 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 42 lbs

Snap2I lost a total of 2.2 lbs from the week before, but in the overall game, I lost .2 lbs. Not very good for my own happiness. I’m totally stoked I was able to get the weight down from what I had gained before, but I would have loved to be able to see 178. That is the reason for the big analysis of what I think I’m doing wrong/different. The big test will be this weeks weigh in. If I can get 2 weeks of losses then I think I’ll be back on track. For the last 4 weeks I’ve been yo-yo’ing which is hurting my mental state. I’ll get there, I just need to figure out how I’m going to keep my mind thinking positively.

Have a great week everyone. Keep working for those losses. They may come in .2 lb increments, but as long as they keep coming then you’re succeeding.


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