Weight Loss Challenge – Day 170 | 10 Days Left

There are exactly 10 days left of my Weight Loss Challenge. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months already. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve also been thinking about what I’m going to do once this challenge is over.

What I do next will need to address the elephant in the room. How am I going to maintain this weight loss so I don’t wind up doing yet another Weight Loss Challenge in a few years.

Stay tuned to find out what I plan on doing. For now, though, the challenge is not yet finished. I have 10 days to get down to 170 lbs. Last weigh in was 178.2. The reality is, I’m not going to make it to 170 lbs and I’m ok with that, but I do still want to get there. So do I extend the weight loss challenge beyond 180 days, or do I start a new one? I’m leaning towards just continuing with the challenge I’m on and extending it. I don’t see the point of starting a new one since I’m not really starting a new en-devour. What are your thoughts fine reader? What would you do?

Last, I wanted to tell everyone about my workout last night. Namely, because it was awesome. I just wish I could workout like this everyday, and not just once or twice a week.

Went in late to the gym (around 8:30pm). Here’s how the workout went.

  • 6 Sets Bicep Curls – Dumbbells
  • 3 Sets Tricep Curls – Dumbbell
  • 2 Sets One Are Row – Dumbbell
  • 3 Sets Bench Press
  • 15 Minutes Rowing Machine
    • 30 seconds – 30 SPM
    • 120 seconds – 34+ SPM
  • 4 Sets Bicep Curls – Curl Bar
  • 3 Sets Bench Press
  • 1 Set Tricep Curl – Dumbell (I died of tiredness)
  • 20 Laps Swimming – 500 Yards @ 22 Minutes (don’t laugh, it’s the best I can do)

I was so happy with my workout. I felt so good going home after that workout. As I always state, my weight lifting is by no means anything you’re going to look at and think “This guy is an animal, he could probably lift an entire house with one arm) but it’s no walk in the park either. As you saw on the last tricep curl, I lost all energy in my arms. I was done. The swimming was, as has been conveyed before, a struggle between life and death, good versus evil. Luckily, I prevailed, I lived to see another day, so what am I going to do with this additional day I’ve been given? Sounds like we’re celebrating my youngest’ 1st birthday tonight, so that’s what I’m doing.

Have a great day everyone. Good luck with all your weight loss/maintenance goals. Stay healthy and happy and we’ll see you again.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 170 | 10 Days Left

  1. Out of pure curiosity and testosterone filled “I wonder if I can lift more than this guy?” attitude, what kind of weights do you use and how many reps per set? 🙂 Since I find it curious you’re doing that many sets, when most would recommend doing 3×8-10 reps per move, but really being dead after they are finished to the point where at the last rep of the third set, if someone offered you a thousand bucks, you couldn’t finish it.

    Now that the testosterone is out of the way, you’re doing a great job – I’d definitely look into molding the “challenge” into a lifetime habit, like start routines you’ll keep for a life time that don’t have an end or a set goal – just something you do, I think you’ve already started this in the end, but can truly focus on it during these 10 days as a thought to the last half a year and what you’ve achieved, and what you will achieve in the future. Your willpower is capable of it, for sure and I have a feeling you do have that little fear at the back of your mind about what if you will fall, or what will happen once you start eating more again – but it’s all pointless. You got this.

    I know it, you know it, even that guy in the corner knows it. You’re going to make it!

    • My sets are typically 12 reps. I do my lifting a little differently than the typical. It may or may not be good though I do notice a difference in my body. Each set increases in weight, thus the final set, is the largest amount of weight. There are times that I repeat the same weight. My goal is to barely be able to finish a set, but still finish it rather than just end it at 6 reps. Sometimes, I will do an extra set that I know I won’t get all 12 reps in, but I don’t typically count that set, except the one I noted in my post.

      Here’s the top weight I did last night for each (some may be wrong because I don’t know how much teh bar weighs exactly)

      Bicep Curl – Dumbbell (per arm) – 30 lbs
      Tricep Curl – Dumbbell (both arms together) – 50 lbs
      Bench Press – 70 lbs + whatever the bar weighs (standard bar so I think 40 lbs maybe
      Arm Row – Dumbbell (per arm) – 30 lbs
      Bicep Curl – Curl Bar – 40 lbs + whatever the bar weighs, this is a pretty heavy bar, so I’m not sure

      Like I said, I’m not winning any lifting awards in terms of weight. Each of my reps is considerably slower than most people as well. It’s not slow motion, but it’s not the typical sprint lift so many guys do. I also focus more on my form. When I do bicep curls, my body doesn’t contort just to complete the lift. I also make sure I go through the full range of motion on a lift. Lots of guys have giant weights and it looks all impressive until you watch them and realize their body is moving more than the weight itself. The weight actually moves about 1 inch.

      It takes quite a bit for me to increase the weight. But there again, right now, I’m not looking to build muscle mass so much as tone.

      I agree with you on the plan for the future. I really want to ensure I can keep the weight off. And I have a fear that I will revert back to my bad habits. Thanks for the support man.

      • That sounds great and if it’s working, who’s to say differently. Especially with your age (not calling you old, but…) the warm-up stages become all the more important to avoid injuries. So you gradually building up to the maximum is perfect. Many youngins skip this step and get injured as a result.

        It’s also great you’re keeping an eye on the most important part, the form, ego lifting is for kids and those with weak minds 🙂 The funny thing is, I don’t find it impressive at all if I see a person do reps with horrible form, and can’t do the movements without counting “one mississippi, two mississippi” up, and again when going down. In the end they’re just cheating on themselves, since they’ll get no/minimal benefit from the movements done 🙂

        So kudos to you, keep it up!

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