Weight Loss Challenge – Day 171 | Doh!

I have no idea why I didn’t think of this sooner, but I believe I’ve figured out part of why I’ve been struggling to lose these last few pounds.

Ever since hockey ended for me, I’ve been doing a lot more rowing and elliptical for my workouts. This is great, but not the problem. The problem is I’ve been relying on the machines estimated calories burned, and it turns out, this is likely a bloated number.

At the start of this week I started getting suspicious of the numbers. I started swimming again and had to find a calorie calculator to help me figure out how I did. Somehow my swimming calories burned were considerably less than that of the rowing and elliptical. That led me to find a few other calculators that could calculate the rowing and elliptical workouts. Lo-and-behold, they were about 50% lower than what the machines have been showing me. I then went to the Internet to see if others are seeing the same and sure enough, there are plenty of articles that chronicle this.

All this time, I’ve been allowing myself to eat more because I likely had the wrong numbers to go off. As of yesterday, that is no longer the case. I’m now going to log my workouts in my Endomondo account, which seems to have a fairly accurate calculator.

I’m really hoping this will help me get back on track. I’ve already notice some improvement as I’m feeling much hungrier than before, and we all know, in order to lose weight, you need to be hungry all the time. Ha ha, just kidding, that is not true.

One question for my readers, what’s your take on friending your readers and others you don’t personally know on your Fitness/Health social networks like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, etc? Do you do it? Why or why not? I’ve never done it before, but it seems like it could be a decent idea.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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