Weight Loss Challenge – Day 178 | Time for a new belt

I was getting dressed this morning and pulled my suit pants on and went to cinch my belt and quickly discovered I’m out of holes to use. I’ve officially shrunk out of this belts range. I had to pull out my trusty drill to add another hole, just so i could have a belt to wear. I guess it’s time for a new belt.

What a great feeling. I can’t wait to see what my final weigh in will be. This week has been pretty tough because i haven’t been able to workout much. After my rain barrel project last week, I’ve been having pretty bad back pain. Instead of working out, I’ve mostly been sitting in the hot tub. That means I’m relying solely on eating right to lose any weight this week. I’m hoping for a pound. That would be the ideal for my final week.

I know what my Saturday will include. Belt shopping. I don’t really like clothes shopping in general, so hopefully this will go well.

This will likely be the last post until my Monday finale post. Keep it real, until then.


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