Weight Loss Challenge – Day 181 | The People Have Spoken

I have finally made a decision. I’ve thought a lot about what to do next now that my challenge has completed.

My next goal is to…

Keep doing what I’m doing… WHAT! How boring is that? I know it’s boring and uninspiring, but it’s what i need to do. I have about 5 more pounds i want to drop, so i need more time. What I’m doing is working, there’s no reason to change that. This will be considerably shorter though.

The Plan

For the next 30 days I’m going to work to drop just 5 more pounds using the same tools and strategies I’ve used the first 180 days.

What Then?

I’m not really planning on just the above 5 lbs. That plays two roles.

  1. I really want to see 169 lbs.
  2. I need time to ease into my next real plan.

The next step will be a mixture of the maintenance challenge and the No Pain, No Gain challenges I’ve been paying around with.

I’m calling it the MainPain Challenge. Nice right?

This is going to be a much more difficult challenge for me because it’s going to be much harder to measure my success. Big numbers aren’t the goal specifically, nor is a huge body change. I do want to see my body change. I really want to tone my body, but more so, I want to strengthen my body overall. I’m hoping that I can work to strengthen my back especially.

What Does Success Look Like?

  • Body Measurements
  • Weight
  • Calories In
  • Calories Out
  • Protein In

I’m hoping each of the above will help me to see if I’m succeeding or not. The body measurements I anticipate will not be huge. Essentially, all of these pieces I’m going to track will give me an overall picture of success or failure. As was the case in the Weight Loss Challenge, there will be many changes to the tools and strategies I use. In the next 30 days, I’m going to work to get the measurements for a baseline so that I can come up with some realistic goals for each, be they daily, weekly or monthly goals. I also need to determine just how long this challenge will be.

For the next 30 days, I’ll continue posting about my experiences trying to lose the last 5 lbs and then on May 14th I’ll be starting the MainPain Challenge.


8 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 181 | The People Have Spoken

  1. Haha! I literally laughed out laud when I read the beginning of this post. Hey, why change what’s already working? That’s awesome! You can lose these 5 pounds for sure! Looking forward to following along!

    • Nice! Glad I could make you laugh. I figure most of my humour is lost when I write, since it’s typically lost when I speak too. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to the next 30 days. It’ll give me some time to truly figure out a good plan for the MainPain Challenge. Isn’t that an awesome name? Don’t answer, I really don’t want you to feel you ahve to lie and say it is.. ha ha…

      Have a great day.

      • Haha! I feel like my humor is lost in speaking and writing too. I hear yours though!
        No, I totally meant to comment on the name. MainPain is awesome but I feel like the biggest idiot because until reading your comment just now I thought the name was MainPage and I totally didn’t get it hahaha. MainPain is so much better! 🙂

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