Weight Loss Challenge – Day 190 | Big Challenge Upcoming

Sunday I head for the Microsoft Ignite conference, but that doesn’t mean my weight loss challenge stays home right?

I’m a little anxious about this one. I’m a food guy and I love Chicago food. Chicago style pizza, hot dogs, Italian, etc. It’s an opportunity to likely eat on someone else’s dime for 6 days straight. Not to mention all the free drinks and whatnot too. How does one, such as myself, stategize against this?

I have no idea actually. I’m planning on bringing my workout gear as the hotel we’re in has a pretty nice gym. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some workouts in either before leaving in the morning or late when I get back (morning is the better bet, but just barely). Food wise, I don’t have a lot of solid ideas. Yes, I plan to give myself a liberal daily calorie goal. I’m not there to lose weight, so 1,800 calories a day is just not going to suffice. I’m thinking 2,500. I may gain, but not so much that I’ll have felt like a complete failure. My other strategy is to do as light a lunch as possible. That means fruits mostly with perhaps an egg or meat option. Something with some protein. My other option is to load my hotel room up with an obscene amount of beef jerky so my mornings consist of fruit and jerky which will keep me going strong when the feasts begin at lunch and dinner.

Unfortunately, there is a large part of me, not so deep down inside, that wants to just say screw it and live large. Eat what I want, as much as I want and just deal with it when I get home. I thought that until I found out just how many calories there are in one slice of Chicago style deep dish pizza. It’s obscene.

What are your recommendations for me?


One thought on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 190 | Big Challenge Upcoming

  1. I like your idea of the light lunch. I am with you with waiting to eat. Evidently our cortisol levels rise in the evening and that’s why we want to eat then. Why not just eat then?
    Good luck Matt! I can’t wait to follow the new challenge!

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