Microsoft Ignite and Weight Loss Challenge and Other Stuff

I’m not entirely sure what day it is right now, it’s 1:40am and I just got back to my room. I came from a super awesome party at Ignite in which, for the first time, the longer line for the bathroom line was for the mens bathroom, not the womens. Honestly (and I dont know why I had to say honestly) there were no women in the womens bathroom, none and probably about 40 in the mens. Common sense would have foreseen this considering, this is a Microsoft conference, so yeah, there are pretty much no women here. Ladies, you’ve got the pick of the litter here, if you like overweight, pimply, socially awkward nerds who would rather talk about creating PowerShell modules than anything else that could ever have been considered interesting ever in the world (sorry ladies, I’m taken).

Our awesome party (cynical sarcasm) had a bit of a circus theme. There were some interesting characters walking around, but the most interesting was the young lady doing contortion things. I really don’t know how to say it any better. It’s an impressive skill, but when you’re asked to randomly walk around a party of nerd and you’re going to lay down on the floor doing your bendy things, you’re going to attract a weird crowd. I found myself wanting to go punch all the creepy, drooly guys who just had to take a picture of this poor woman who’s just trying to make some money to pay rent by performing a skill that anybody could likely see if they ever set foot in a gym in their life and simply walked by the stupid yoga studio. Yeah, I can’t do those things, but I also don’t need a creepy, I’m old enough to be your father, but you’re paid to do this type of picture. Yeah, it’s been a long week. It’s Tuesday, and really, really late, and I’m rambling. My only saving grace is nobody, and I do mean nobody will read this, ever.

The worst part about all of this is I met a dude that would be a perfect fit for our team and we simply don’t have any openings and won’t have any. He was awesome and just as cynical and awesome as me and we cannot have this guy on our team. Oh well.

Did I mention we had the most fulgar cab driver who I thought was going to kill us? And that’s not even mentioning the Uber driver who literally did almost kill us, about 4 times. Wow! If that’s how an Uber cab is, I should probably consider waliking more

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy those zero of you who are also up around 2:00am to read this absolutlely stupid and unedited post. Literally, I see the red squiggly lines for all the spelling errors, and could… not… care… less than I do right now Wow! I’m so tired.

Have a great night everyone.

Oh, I also did ok, well, just not terrible with my eating today. And done.


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